How GFI’s CLT Swamp Mats Can Transform Your Worksite

GFI Solutions is proud to bring you Sterling Solutions’ CLT (Cross Laminated Timber) swamp mats for your worksite. CLT swamp mats are made from durable material that keeps the mat dry, safe and sturdy throughout any project. Keep reading to learn why you should make the change from bolted mats to CLT swamp mats today.

Affordability You’ll Love

Ready to save money on your access mats? CLT swamp mats save you money from the moment you make your purchase. These mats are lighter than traditional bolted access mats, making them cheaper to deliver and much easier and quicker to install. With CLT mats, you save on:

  • Transportation costs
  • Labour Costs
  • Maintenance costs
  • Replacement costs

These four cost-saving elements are a major selling point for CLT swamp mats. With the money you save, your budget can go towards other parts of your projects. Less replacement and maintenance also means that you have a more reliable access solution that will get you through your project safely without worrying about your mats’ durability.

Stronger Than the Rest

CLT swamp mats are made from southern yellow pine fibre and can hold more than traditional bolted mats despite being lighter in weight. CLT mats perform well under the pressure of cranes, crew or any heavy equipment that they may transfer. CLT swamp mats get the job done and keep their strength and reliability for years, no matter the load.


Safety You Can Trust

The standard for access mats is changing with the introduction of CLT mats. While traditional bolted mats have been used for years, CLT swamp mats are the upgraded standard for access mats. CLT swamp mats elevate the standard of quality with their engineered construction and cost-saving benefits. Not to mention these mats are stronger, lighter and safer than bolted mats.

Traditional bolted mats use bolts to keep wood planks together. CLT swamp mats use an environmentally friendly adhesive that bonds wood together to ensure optimal strength and reliability. Bolts can cause uneven weight distribution in the wood, causing it to splinter or break. These splinters or breaks can damage equipment and harm the crew, making bolted access mats a less safe access solution than CLT mats, as CLT mats are completely smooth. Without any bolts protruding from the surface, you can avoid trips and breakage.

Perfectly Moisture Resistant

Looking for a swamp mat that can support your worksite’s needs? CLT swamp mats are great for any topography and climate, making them a reliable staple on your project. These mats are also moisture resistant and will not succumb to mould, rot or decay due to rain or other wet weather conditions. GFI recognizes that it is essential for your mats to stay dry and clean throughout your project to ensure optimal safety for your crew. That’s why customers like you trust our CLT swamp mats for their needs every time.

Choose GFI For Your Swamp Mats

Partnering with experts on your site-safe access solutions is important, especially when considering reliability and safety on the worksite. GFI Solutions is Canada’s number one supplier of CLT site-safe access mats. We have provided access matting solutions to industry experts like you for years and are proud to serve industries across the country with their worksite needs.

As a Canadian company, we know the particular needs of Canada’s complex and unique topography and climate. Our CLT mats are designed to handle any weather conditions or environmental demands that your worksite may require. They are made for experts like you so that you can have the most trusted site access solutions on your side.

Ready to Learn More?

GFI Solutions is ready to bring you the safe and durable access solution you need on your next project. Contact our team to learn more about our CLT swamp mats today.