Heavy Duty Help: Crane Mats at GFI

Are you aware of just how versatile crane mats can be when it comes to protecting your job site and ensuring everyone has the right resources to proceed safely and efficiently? If you’re gearing up for a busy spring and summer season, GFI Solutions is here to make sure you have everything you need to succeed when it comes to site safe access solutions. As one of Canada’s leading suppliers of CLT access mats, GFI Solutions is proud to carry some of the highest quality crane and rig mats available on the market. Below, we’ll talk about the many applications of crane mats that you can use to benefit your sites in 2022. Read on to learn more!

Heavy Weight Champions

As many in the industrial sectors will already be aware, sometimes base-level equipment and solutions simply won’t meet the needs of your job. Those who have tried traditional bolted mats are likely already familiar with the frustration (and expense) that comes with constant breakages, and you’re no doubt wondering how you can find an access mat that can actually stand up to the needs of heavy equipment like rigs, cranes, excavators, and more.

Fear not; Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) access mats have you covered! Designed to be stronger, more flexible (and therefore less prone to sudden failures), and able to stand up to the heaviest jobs with minimal strain, CLT mats are your cost-effective perfect solutions. 500 level models are an ideal fit for crane and rig applications and are specifically designed to deal with intense loads, such as equipment and heavy transport.

Versatile Applications

CLT crane mats are one of the most versatile solutions available on the market, offering you a wide range of benefits like reducing cost thanks to the ability to ship more mats per load, a superior life cycle, and more. One of the best aspects of choosing CLT matting, in general, is that the high-level performance allows you to use them for a wide range of applications including:

Temporary Roadways

Canada’s landscape can be tough for heavy machinery to navigate, especially when you factor in constantly changing weather that constantly affects the terrain. Rig mats can be used to form makeshift roadways for your convoys, giving them safe and easy access to your job site when it matters most.

Cranes and Heavy Equipment

We all know that cranes and rig work can be one of the more challenging applications for traditional matting due to the weaknesses present at the standard bolting points on typical mats. CLT mats are able to flex under heavy equipment, making it easy for them to stay in place and act as a steady platform while you operated your rig. Having an extra layer between the ground and your equipment prevents you from sinking into the earth, and helps protect the surrounding environment as well.

The stability and strength offered by crane mats make them extremely useful when it comes to acting as a foundation for other heavy equipment like excavators, drills, and other vital construction assets that may challenge standard access matting.


Crane mats are also a staple when it comes to pipeline construction thanks to their durability. Heavy-duty mats are a frequent feature on job sites as they make it easy for trucks to navigate and equipment to work as needed with minimal disruptions or risk to the landscape in the long term. Crane mats can also be used as an air bridge over exiting lines to prevent traffic from coming into contact with the pipe itself.

Need Access Matting Solutions You Can Trust?

GFI is here to help. With 24/7 service all year round service and a robust inventory of safe access solutions that includes crane mats and more, our team is here to ensure you have the support you need Canada-wide. Contact us today to learn more!