Grande Prairie Access Mats at GFI Solutions

Grande Prairie Access Mats at GFI Solutions

Does your Grande Prairie operation need reliable site access solutions to help keep transport on track? Tackle the Albertan landscape with GFI Solutions. As one of Canada’s leading suppliers of CLT access mats, as well as site access services, GFI makes it easier than ever to overcome challenges presented by the environment and keep your job site safe. GFI is proud to be Canada’s only source for Sterling Solutions’ range of TerraLam® access mats, which lead the industry in performance and quality.

Learn more about TerraLam® CLT mats, as well as GFI below.

CLT Access Mats: Lighter, Flexible, Made to Endure

Looking for site access solutions that are free from the common complications faced with traditional bolted mats? While bolted mats have been a trusted staple for many years, the industry has demanded better, lighter weight solutions that are able to outperform and address the issues found with older models. CLT mats address many of the frustrations faced by project managers in heavy industries while weighing in at approximately 40% less than standard bolted mats. CLT mats also last 3-5 times longer than bolted mats, and allow you to ship up to 25% more per load for added savings. Additional benefits include:

  • Almost doubling hauling capacity when mobilizing due to lightweight profile.
  • Twice the strength of a traditional bolted mat.
  • Adhesive lamination and wax sealer on all 4 edges makes it easier to repel moisture and rot.
  • Suitable for use in extreme conditions, include heat and cold.
  • Lack of bolts means less tire damage to transport vehicles.

What Makes CLT Mats Unique?

The core of CLT mats’ superior performance lies in their composition and method of construction. Unlike traditional bolted mats, Cross-Laminated Timber mats are created by gluing alternating perpendicular layers of wood together with an environmentally safe adhesive. This allows the mat to gently flex under each load, and evenly distribute the weight across the entire surface, which reduces the strain and shock of heavy loads. This means you can confidently use CLT mats for heavy applications without fear of sacrificing performance.

GFI Solutions: Grande Prairie’s First Choice For Site Access Solutions

With multiple yards throughout Canada including offices in Whitecourt, AB, Edmonton, Calgary, and Grande Prairie, GFI Solutions is here to ensure our clients always have access to matting solutions. Our team offers customers across Canada 24/7 support for sales and rentals, as well as site access services including inventory management, mat washing, expedited delivery installation and more. Contact our team today to learn more.