GFI’s CLT Access Mat Rentals Are Coming to Grande Prairie!

Get ready Grande Prairie! We’re excited to bring you mat rentals that work perfectly for all of your access mat needs. GFI is proud to be Alberta’s exclusive supplier of access mats. With our innovative CLT (Cross Laminated Timber) mats, made from durable southern yellow pine fibre, we know you’ll enjoy all the perks of our products. Curious about our CLT mats? Keep reading to get some of the answers to your questions!

What Is the Difference Between CLT Mats and Bolted Mats?

CLT mats are engineered for greatness. While traditional bolted mats have been the standard for access matting in the past, CLT mats are an updated access mat solution that comes with a long list of exciting benefits. CLT mats were created as an innovative upgrade to the industry standard, taking access mats to the next level with their incredibly durable construction and lighter weight.

These mats use an environmentally friendly adhesive to bind the wood planks together. This makes it so that bolts are not used, which means that there are no protruding parts on the plank to cause tire damage or trip and fall accidents. Without bolts, you get a safer and more reliable access mat. These mats won’t splinter from weight because they are constructed as one smooth, consistent surface.

Strength is also a major factor with CLT mats. Made from southern yellow wood fibre, CLT mats can hold more load without getting damaged from the weight. These mats, made in two standard series called the 300-series and the 500-series, are designed with toughness in mind. They are capable of holding cranes, rigs and other equipment with ease.

Thanks to the use of southern yellow pine fibre, CLT mats are engineered with strength at the forefront. While other mats like bolted and traditional mats are made with mixed woods, CLT mats utilize southern yellow pine fibre consistently throughout the mat and bound them in a way that allows for even distribution of weight. By evenly distributing, you have a better chance of avoiding splintering or breaking the mat.

How Do CLT Mats Save Me Money?

These mats are durable even in the most intense weather conditions and are able to help you get the job done comfortably. GFI’s CLT mats make it easy to get goods, equipment and crews through any kind of weather or topography. They are moisture and rot-resistant and can handle any high-impact thrown their way.

You also save up to 60% more on transportation since these access mats are made from lighter wood, making it easier to load several per trip. With CLT access mats, you can rest assured that you are investing in a product that will keep saving you money.

Ready to Learn More?

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