GFI Mats are Created with the Environment in Mind

Today there are plenty of environmental standards and practices your project must comply with to move forward with the work at hand. Unfortunately, traditional access mats come with various issues that can make them problematic to work with. After learning about some of the common problems of conventional matting options, GFI Solutions has a better solution: the TerraLam 300 3-ply and TerraLam 500 5-ply Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) access mats. CLT mats are engineered to be stronger and more durable than traditional bolted ones, but they do more than outperform bolted mats. CLT mats also provide significant environmental advantages for your project. Continue reading to learn more about how CLT access mats can make your worksite more environmentally conscious.

Protects the Ground Below

Access mats provide more than just a temporary roadway to your project site; they also provide a crucial layer of protection to the surrounding terrain and ecosystems. They minimize the damage and disruption caused to the area by heavy equipment by shielding the ground from physical and chemical damage. This preventative system allows your site to comply with remediation and environmental standards. Access mats also will enable you to have better movement across bodies of water like creeks, rivers, marshlands, ditches and more without permanently changing the landscape of where you’re working.

At GFI Solutions, we care about the future; that’s why all of our TerraLam mats are built using sustainable forest practices. The wood used in our mats is plantation-grown Southern Yellow Pine. What does that mean for sustainability? Well, Southern Yellow Pine is grown to harvestable maturity within 20 years. Compared to other traditional access mats that use oak wood, oak takes about 100 years to mature for harvest. Also, the adhesive used to bond the pine together is chemically inactive before leaving the manufacturing facility. Therefore CLT mats present no harm to the environment.

Prevents Cross-Contamination

Another significant environmental concern for site operators is cross-contamination. If cross-contamination isn’t managed adequately within the regulated standards, your project could face some substantial fines. GFI Solution’s CLT access mats can help reduce this risk as they act as a barrier between your equipment and the ground. Also, the adhesive used in our CLT mats prevents invasive species from embedding themselves, unlike traditional mats. Additionally, properly cleaning your mats in between jobs further reduces the chance of cross-contamination and further protects the environments where you’re working. Luckily at GFI, we offer mat washing and a range of other services to keep your project safe and on schedule.

Recovery Time is Reduced

Environmental remediation is a significant part of any project nowadays. Using site access solutions can make the recovery process that much easier. They serve as a temporary measure to reduce your project’s environmental impact on the area you’re working. Site access mats can easily be installed or removed from site to site. As long as they’re clean before moving to a new location, you’ll be reducing your environmental impact one mat at a time.

CLT Mats at GFI Solutions

At GFI Solutions, we aim to respect our world’s soil, water, air, and natural habitat; that’s why we conduct our business in an environmentally responsible manner. Our TerraLam mats are one way your project can put the environment first. Contact our team to learn more about the other great benefits of TerraLam access mats.