Enhance Worksite Productivity With CLT Rig Mats

Safety on the job site is one of the most prevalent concerns on any major project, but it becomes especially vital in heavy industries like the power and pipeline sectors where the use of machinery like cranes and the constant transport of significant loads are necessary. Without the proper resources in place, productivity can suffer and your crew, as well as equipment, can be put at risk. CLT Rig mats are a valuable asset that helps protect your worksite and equipment, as well as the environment surrounding your site. Learn more about the benefits of using TerraLam® CLT rig mats below.

Cross Laminated Timber: A Newer, Better Way

While traditional timber and bolted mats were once viewed as the standard for heavy-duty applications, more recent developments have been able to address many of the common issues found in bolted crane mats. One of the main factors that can lead to a short life cycle and less predictable performance, is the fact that timber mats are often made out of a mixture of both hard and softwood, with no specific standard in place to moderate the outcome. Cross Laminated Timber access mats, on the other hand are made of high-grade southern yellow pine fibres that is up to 30% harder than the Douglas Fir wood used for bolted mats. This makes CLT mats well suited for heavy-duty jobs and tough conditions.

Taking a Look Behind The Scenes

The source for the incredible strength and durability of CLT mats is the innovative process that goes into manufacturing. Cross Laminated Timber mats are created by bonding alternating perpendicular layers of wood with an environmentally safe adhesive to create each unit. This process allows the mat to evenly distribute weight throughout the entire surface of the unit as opposed to only the bolted points. This means that heavy loads are less likely to result in sudden breakages, and the mats can be repaired with ease should the need ever arise.

TerraLam® 500 Series Access Mats

As one of the most versatile and dependable solutions on today’s market, TerraLam® mats outperform competitors with ease. Manufactured by Sterling Solutions and distributed by GFI throughout Canada, TerraLam’s 5-layer 500 mats use CLT technology to tackle heavy loads from hauling, rigs, cranes, and more. Able to withstand tough climates and worksite conditions, these matting workhorses just don’t quit. From providing you with a reliable path for transporting good to and from your location to acting as a dependable foundation for vital equipment, CLT crane mats help keep every aspect of your project moving smoothly.

CLT Crane Mats At GFI

GFI is your leading source for access site solutions across Canada. Our inventory features the top products from both the TerraLam® matting line, as well as TerraCross bridges and more. With 24/7 service available for sales, rental, delivery, installation, mat washing and more, we’re proud to be your one-stop provider for all things access related. Contact our team today to learn more!