Discover The Benefits of CLT Rig Mats With GFI Solutions

When it comes to jobs that require heavy-duty resources as typically found in the oil & gas, construction, petrochemical, and related industries finding viable solutions that allow for the safe transport and operation of your machinery is paramount. Rig mats play a key role in helping to keep your operations safe and on schedule. GFI is proud to supply clients across Western Canada access to leading access mat solutions, including Sterling Solutions’ range of TerraLam® CLT access mats. As one of the most durable and dependable options on the market, TerraLam® Mats stand up to the toughest jobs and fulfil many of the needs met by traditional rig mats. Learn more about the role of rig and crane mats on job sites, as wells as Sterling’s heavy-duty solutions, below!

Protect Your Assets

One of the main arguments for using rig mats centres around their ability to help mitigate any dangers that your job site may pose to valuable assets such as machinery and heavy trucks hauling material to and from your location. Environmental factors like heavy rain, mud, sleet, and other such conditions can cause significant damage to equipment without the proper safeguards in place. Rig mats not only offer a safe road to transport heavy materials over, but can act as a sturdy foundation for cranes and other machinery as needed.

Protect Your Crew

Just as rig mats step in to prevent your equipment from becoming stuck or damaged as a result of uneven terrain, they also help to prevent significant workplace hazards caused by such factors. When used properly, rig mats can help increase your overall safety on the job site, giving your crew peace of mind and helping to avoid costly accidents.

Environmentally Conscious

For companies wishing to do their part to protect the environment and minimize disturbance to the land during the course of their project, rig mats are a valuable asset. By helping to reduce the strain caused to the earth by trucks and machinery, rig mats can help reduce your footprint and ensure that you stay within recommended guidelines relevant to your specific sector.

TerraLam® CLT access mats are created using an environmentally friendly adhesive, using raw materials that are farmed in approximately 20 years, versus the standard 80-100 years, it takes to regrow the hardwood species used for bolted mats. This means, in addition to being lighter weight and more cost-effective, TerraLam® mats go above and beyond when it comes to sustainability. Whether you’re renting or purchasing mats for longterm use, they’ll go a long way to reducing the strain on the environment.

Built To Perform

As with any asset designed to handle heavy-duty requirements, top-performing rig mats need to last as long as possible. The unique cross-grain design of CLT mats gives them a leading edge over traditional mats by equally distributing the weight of each load evenly to reduce the strain and guarantee an unbeatable lifecycle.

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