Cross Laminated Timber and Bolted Mats from GFI Solutions

With winter coming to an end, the vicious freeze-thaw cycle gets closer by the day. Building a project in this Canadian terrain can leave the worksite prone to ditches, muddy grounds, sinkholes and other uneven areas that hinder transportation. Site-safe access matting is the perfect solution for allowing minimal disruptions and even grounds and staying on track and budget. GFI Solutions offers Cross Laminated Timber and bolted access mats for sale and rent.

Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) mats are an environmentally and budget-friendly option for your project. The wooden planks are bound together using an environmentally friendly adhesive that allows the access mat to be flexible, more robust and lighter in weight. Learn more about the benefits of Cross Laminated Timber mats below!

Environmentally Friendly

Cross Laminated Timber mats are built with sustainable forest practices as they are created from Southern Yellow Pine. The Southern Yellow Pine is harvestable in 20 years compared to Oak, where it is grown to harvestable maturing in 100 years. At GFI solutions, we are keen on offering safe matting solutions for your machinery as well as the environment.


All types of access mats provide a smooth walking and driving surface in construction areas where transportation is hindered due to uneven terrain; however, Cross Laminated Timber mats are safer, stronger and save you transportation money. Since CLT mats are 40% lighter in weight, you will be able to transport 72 mats per load, saving you up to 60% in transportation costs.

Stronger and Safer

The strength and durability of CLT access mats come from the adhesive used to bond the planks together. Adhered TerraLam access mats allow for even distribution of weight throughout the entire mat, increasing the flexibility of the mats and preventing breakage and damage under extreme weight loads.

GFI’s TerraLam mats eliminate tripping hazards caused by gaps between boards in traditional mats. A smooth solid surface ensures no risk of vehicle damage or puncture injuries resulting from loose or damaged bolts in standard mats. With CLT mats, you can provide a safe worksite for your crew and machinery.

For longer-lasting mats, GFI’s matting solutions are engineered with wax sealer and glue lamination that allow for 5X stiffer access mats. If dropped or mishandled, CLT mats will not be damaged or deformed.

Access Mats For Your Worksite

GFI solutions are proud to offer you access matting solutions for all your upcoming projects. From Cross Laminated Timber mats to standard bolted access mats, we’re here to help you build a safe and mobile road for your worksite. Contact our team today for more information about access mats for sale or rent!