Crane Matting Options For Heavy Industries

A safe worksite and smooth production are the primary focus for all contractors in any project. Traditional bolted timber crane mats have been used for years on end; however, several problems arise that cause a delay in production and, more often than not, casualties on-site. At GFI Solutions, we understand the importance of ensuring a secure worksite for your crew and equipment without interrupting the advancements of your workflow. We are proud to be Canada’s exclusive source for TerraLam access mats, including heavy-duty crane mats that guarantee safe, cost-effective and robust access mats. Learn more about why TerraLam mats are the perfect solution for your matting problems.

1. Top-Notch Quality

TerraLam mats are manufactured using Cross Laminated Timber (CLT). This is the process of using adhesive and wax sealer instead of bolts to bond the wooden planks together. The adhesion enables the board to flex under the pressure of heavy-duty machinery, which allows for even dispersion of pressure of, let’s say, crane mats, for instance, throughout the entire mat as opposed to specific bolt points. The equal distribution of extreme loads reduces the chance of sudden breakage or irreparable damage to the access mats and ensures excellent performance in the long run.

2. Necessary Safety Measures

The adhesion used in our CLT crane mats is environmentally safe and worksite safe. Unlike traditional bolted access mats, CLT mats eliminate the risk of tripping or puncture hazards for your crew and equipment. CLT crane mats also reduce the risk of invasive specimens embedding between the wooden gaps and allowing for water damage pumping throughout the mat. The solid, gap-less surface reduces the possibility of work-related injuries to maintain a smooth production process.

3. Exceptional Customer Support

Supporting our customers is always a priority at GFI Solutions, which is why we offer 24/7 service for rentals and sales to keep your production flow moving. In addition to an extensive inventory of access mats, we offer the following solutions:

  • Turnkey services
  • Inventory management
  • Manufacturing
  • Delivery & Installation
  • Mat washing
  • Planning & consultation, and more.

Become Our Partner Today!

GFI Solutions understand the importance of having accessible, reliable and cost-effective matting solutions in all industries. We are committed to our customers and provide various solutions to ensure the safe and smooth operations of your project. Whether you’re looking for renting or buying TerraLam CLT mats, GFI Solutions is ready to help. Contact our team today to learn more!