CLT Rig Mats Outperform Traditional Steel Framed Rig Mats; Here’s How!

Are you looking for a rig mat that can outlast and outperform traditional steel-framed rig mats? If so, GFI Solutions has the access solutions you need! From access bridges and matting to mat washing, delivery, installation, rentals and sales, GFI Solutions is your one-stop shop for access solutions and services. In particular, our offering of Site Safe CLT rig mats is incredibly durable and high-performing compared to traditional rig mats. Continue reading to learn more about how CLT rig mats compare to traditional mats!

How are Rig Mats Different from Access Mats?

When it comes to access solutions, access mats and rig mats are two different types of access solutions. Access mats are 8′ x 14′ and are manufactured using 3-plys of 2′ x 8′ lumber which is either bolted together or cross-laminated to one another. Rig mats are an access solution explicitly manufactured and used to transfer and manage heavy loads. Traditional steel frame rig mats come in two common sizes, 8′ x 20′ and 8′ x 40′. Traditional rig mats are manufactured using a 3 or 4-rail steel frame configuration with cross beams. This creates pockets which are filled with timbers. CLT Rig mats from GFI Solutions are manufactured using five perpendicular cross layers of solid wood, eliminating the need for a steel frame. Like other access solutions, Rig mats provide your workers and equipment a safe way of operating in your project’s remote site regardless of the environment. GFI Solutions has both traditional rig mats and access mats, along with CLT access and rig mats in our fleet, available for rental or sale.

Comparing CLT and Traditional Steel Frame Rig Mats

Traditional steel frame rig mats are common access solutions for many projects; however, lighter, more cost-effective options are available on the market. Site Safe Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) rig mats are an industry-leading product for a good reason! They’re manufactured through an innovative and environmentally sustainable process, which allows these CLT rig mats to outperform the competition. Below are a few ways CLT rig mats stand out from the competition:

  • Made from sustainably sourced Southern Yellow Pine which is 33% harder than Douglas Fir.
  • Adhered with eco-friendly adhesive, all four edges are sealed with a wax solution repelling moisture.
  • Greater flexibility to withstand heavy loads and conform to uneven ground.
  • Lighter weight means you can transport more mats per load.
  • Lighter weight makes them easier to install and move around your job site.

With all these benefits and more, CLT rig mats are a great option when you need access solutions that can withstand the heaviest loads. Our team of access solution experts can help you determine the optimal number of CLT rig mats for your project. In addition, GFI Solutions also offers a range of turn-key solutions, so our team can assist you with your access solutions from the start of your project to the end. We are available 24/7 to support you with your CLT and traditional rig mat and access solution questions. Feel free to reach out anytime; GFI Solutions is here to help!

Rig Mats, Access Solutions, and More!

In addition to our access matting and bridge inventory, GFI Solutions provides various value-adding services like mat inventory management, delivery, rentals and more. When you need high-quality access solutions, let the team at GFI Solutions assist you in finding the right solution for your project. Contact us today to learn more about our CLT rig mats, other access solutions, or services!