CLT Oil Rig Mats: A Win-Win Access Solution

Oil rig mats or access mats are crucial for many heavy-duty industries, especially in the oil and gas sector. If you’re on the search for oil rig matting that protects your equipment and workers from unstable soil, dirt, rocky surfaces, bogs or even swamps and is within your budget, then GFI Solutions’ oil rig mats are the ideal solution for your project.

GFI solutions are proud to offer clients across Western Canada access to leading oil rig mats that are durable and dependable for your heavy-duty jobs. Learn more about our oil rig mats on job sites below!

Traditional Bolted Mats Vs. Cross Laminated Timber (CLT)


Traditional bolted mats are often incorrectly perceived to be more robust than CLT mats; however, CLT mats are actually 30% stronger than traditional bolted mats. Many project managers are unaware that CLT mats are manufactured from Southern Yellow Pine Wood Fibre instead of Douglas Fir, which is found in traditional bolted mats. Southern Yellow Pine Wood is not only stronger than Douglas Fir, but it is also more sustainable to grow and harvest.


For those looking to protect the environment and minimize the disturbance to the land during their project, CLT oil rig mats are a valuable asset. Traditional rig mats are essentially used to reduce the damage caused to the earth by trucks and machinery and reduce your footprint to stay within the recommended guidelines, but CLT rig mats are more environmentally friendly. Unlike Douglas Fir fibre, Southern Yellow Pine wood is harvested with sustainable forest practices and ecologically friendly adhesive to bond the planks together.

Longer Lifespan

The glue lamination used in CLT mats also increases the longevity of our oil rig mats. The adhesion bonds the planks together and are then sealed with wax on all four edges to repel moisture and rot. Unlike traditional bolted mats, CLT mats leave very little space between the wooden planks for water or fluids to seep through.

More Secure

Bonding the mats together instead of bolting them allows our CLT mats to have a solid top, which significantly reduces hazards throughout the worksite. The solid top ensures that your workers can easily walk around without tripping over the gaps and ensures that your vehicles won’t be damaged due to a loose bolt.

Partner With The Best

GFI Solutions is proud to offer our partners exceptional customer service in addition to our extensive matting inventory. The following matting solutions are designed to keep your project on schedule and maintain the safety of your crew and workers:

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