CLT Mats: Your Site Access Choice for the Forestry Industry

Environmental sustainability and remediation are becoming critical focal points for project grants and construction governance. One of the forestry industry’s significant challenges is mitigating the damage caused by equipment moving through a remote job site. Without a makeshift roadway already in place, you’ll need to consider a safe site access solution. At GFI Solutions, we have a range of access solutions to fit every job site. Our TerraLam CLT access mats are quickly becoming the standard for the forestry industry as they feature several benefits aside from safe site access. With environmental stewardship in mind, CLT mats are your project’s economical and environmentally conscious choice. Continue reading to learn more about how CLT mats benefit the forestry industry.

The CLT Difference

If you’re only familiar with bolted mats but are looking for an alternative that provides your worksite with a range of advantages, consider Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) mats. CLT mats are manufactured by bonding layers of wood with a specially formulated adhesive. Compared to traditional bolted mats, CLT mats provide better weight distribution across the entire mat. This means that CLT mats won’t break even under the heaviest loads. The unique construction of CLT mats does more than stand up to heavy equipment; they’re also more flexible and lightweight.

We are Canada’s premier distributor of TerraLam® CLT access mats here at GFI. We offer a 500 level model that is steel reinforced to handle heavy machinery and a more standard 300 level for general applications. So regardless of your weight requirements, we are sure to have the access matting solutions you need.

Environmentally Conscious

The forestry industry is increasingly concerned with environmental consciousness, remediation, and sustainability. Heavy-duty hauling in remote areas can affect and damage local terrain, so implementing safeguards to protect the environment is crucial. Access mats serve as a protective barrier and a temporary roadway for trucks, equipment, and workers. By using site-safe access mats during your forestry operations, you significantly reduce the chance of causing damage and contamination problems to the native ecosystem in the area. The mats can easily be removed from the site when your project is completed. They leave minimal damage in their wake, allowing the landscape to return to normal quickly.

At GFI Solutions, our CLT mats are manufactured with sustainability in mind. The wood from our CLT mats is sourced from plantation-grown Southern Yellow Pine, which takes only 20 years to mature for harvest. The adhesive that binds the wood planks together is also environmentally friendly, so our CLT mats are sure to meet the stringent environmental standards of the forestry industry.

Partner with GFI Solutions

As Canada’s leading provider of site access solutions, GFI understands the importance of cost-effective matting services to your daily operations. We’re proud to offer 24/7 support for sales and rentals and advanced site management services, including inventory management, mat washing, expedited delivery installation, and more! If you’re looking to try out the durability of our TerraLam CLT mats, contact us today.