CLT Mats – Access Mats You Can Rely On

Cross – Laminated Timber mats are the new face of safe site access mats. Long gone are the days when you’re constantly experiencing mats snapping under pressure resulting in project delays and causing an unsafe work environment. At GFI Solutions, we understand the challenges of finding reliable access mats that can withstand heavy machinery while ensuring the safety of the equipment, crew and environment. We are proud to manufacture and supply CLT mats across Canada that offer clients superior performance while increasing savings! Learn more about GFI Solutions’ access matting products and services.

Industry Leading Access Mats

CLT access mats, also commonly referred to as swamp mats, are engineered to be up to 40% lighter than bolted mats. The unique design of CLT access mats provides clients with exceptional quality while maintaining the safety of the equipment, the crew and the environment. With CLT access mats, you will no longer have to worry about constantly replacing your mats, as they are twice the strength of traditional bolted mats and five times stiffer. We manufacture industry-leading access mats to help clients stay on track, especially during the toughest of terrains.

You Can Always Count on CLT Mats 

With industrial projects, the primary factor is safety. With heavy equipment involved and expensive material transported, it’s essential to purchase or rent access mats that you can count on. GFI Solutions’ CLT access mats (swamp mats) are manufactured using Cross-Laminated Timber, which uses an environmentally friendly adhesive to bond the layers of wood together. The layers of wood are placed perpendicular to one another, resulting in exceptional strength and performance. The use of the adhesive with CLT mats not only enhances the performance of the access mats but also eliminates the use of bolts or the presence of any gaps that can result in work hazards. Using CLT access mats will create a smooth surface for your machinery, prevent any tire punctures and ensure the safety of your crew.

Benefits of CLT Access Mats

The unique design of CLT access mats creates many benefits, including:

  • Saving up to 60% on freight
  • Saving up to 40% on installation and removal
  • Twice the strength of traditional bolted mats
  • Environmentally friendly adhesive that repels moisture and rot
  • Longer lifespan than bolted mats

Find Reliable Access Mats at GFI Solutions

Whether you’re looking to rent or buy CLT access mats, you can find the perfect fit at GFI Solutions. Our team is available 24/7 to answer any questions you may have and provide you with solutions to all your access matting needs. We also offer mat washing, inventory management, delivery and installation services to ensure that your access mats are cleaned and ready for your upcoming project. Contact our team today!