CLT Access Mats: The Better Way To Protect Your Jobsite

Need temporary road and site access solutions you can count on to keep your project moving? Worried about costly delays because of changing terrain and shifting weather patterns? TerraLam® cross-laminated timber mats are your first choice when it comes to cost-friendly, durable access matting. Trusted by the biggest names in the construction, oil & gas, renewable energy, petrochemical, mining, power and other heavy industries, access mats play a vital role in ensuring project success and preventing costly delays. GFI Solutions is proud to be a leading supplier of TerraLam® CLT mats are lightweight, dependable, and built to last. Learn more about the benefits of using access mats as well as TerraLam®, below.

Conquer The Landscape With Access Mats

Project managers and site supervisors across Canada will already be aware, climate and topography are often two of the biggest challenges to factor in when tackling a major job. Between rugged terrain and shifting weather patterns, access to your site can be quickly become difficult, especially if you require heavy loads or machinery to routinely cross in and out of the site. Access mats make it easy to tackle the challenges presented by mud, ice, and other foundation issues by creating a level foundation for transport vehicles to cross.

At GFI, we are proud to be the exclusive Canadian distributor of TerraLam®’s line of Cross Laminated Timber matting solutions. Built to withstand the demand of heavy loads and constant use, TerraLam® provides exceptional quality and performance, no matter your application.

TerraLam® Matting Solutions

Coming in at 40% lighter and longer-lasting than conventional bolted access mats, TerraLam® CLT access mats are a fantastic choice for those looking to outfit their worksite with solutions that offer superior durability while saving on shipping. The lighter designs make it possible to haul twice as many per load, and the incredible strength of each mat means you never have to worry about sudden breakages, damage or premature replacement.

What Makes CLT Mats Different

The secret to the strength and durability of CLT access mats come lies in the unique construction method compared to traditional mats. TerraLam® mats are created using an innovative process called Cross-Laminated Timber (CLT), which uses an environmentally safe, structural adhesive to bond alternating southern yellow pine planks together instead of bolts. Where traditional bolted mats are only able to transfer the burden of a load at the location of the mechanical fasteners, adhered TerraLam® access mats distribute the weight evenly throughout the entire mat, giving it increased durability and flexibility to prevent cracks or breaks. This means TerraLam® mats are able to offer increased performance and longevity, giving you optimal returns on your investment.

Want More Info On CLT Site Access Solutions?

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