Bring Strength and Reliability to the Table With GFI’s Laminated Crane Mats

Stronger than standard bolted mats and safer, Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) mats are the new addition you need for your worksite. GFI Solutions is proud to bring customers like you a product that improves your worksite’s efficiency and takes the pressure off your shoulders. Our 300 and 500 level CLT mats can withstand heavy cranes and give your crew the reliability they need to finish the job safely. Here are some reasons why you should have smart access solutions like CLT mats on your worksites.

Why CLT?

The benefits of the CLT design lies in its ability to be more efficient than the standard mats without using bolts. CLT is made with southern yellow pine wood fibre, which is 30% tougher than the more commonly used Douglas fir. Since our matting is tougher, it can handle heavier machinery like cranes and can do it without sustaining the same amount of damage.

Our CLT mats are also bound with an environmentally friendly adhesive that keeps the layers of wood sturdy. The binding also saves the wood from dangerous splintering that can help potentially harm the crew or cause a break in your worksite’s productivity.

The standard bolted mats can only transfer weight to the position of the mechanical fastener. CLT mats are great because they distribute the weight of equipment evenly, allowing for better impact. With less damage to your mats, you get to enjoy your product longer. CLT mats give you the peace of mind you need to move from worksite to worksite without having to take a costly break due to damaged mats or unreliable, unsafe access.

In addition to the environmentally friendly adhesive, the bonding agent use in site safe access mats is also great for rot or decay prevention. The bond creates a built-in moisture barrier that keeps your mats looking great and keeping sturdy. Why pay for repairs or replacements when you can invest in mats that keep their high quality longer than the alternative?

CLT mats are not just a purchase; they are an investment that will keep their durability for future projects. You can trust these durable and efficient mats to help you get your work done without any snags.

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