Bolted and CLT Matting Solutions in Calgary

GFI Solutions is proud to present you Calgary’s best choice for rig mats; Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) access mats. Our TerraLam mats are a comprehensive solution for all your matting needs. The access mats are engineered to be lightweight, robust and cost-effective and come in different sizes to fit your matting needs.

At GFI Solutions, we cater to our customers’ needs beyond simply supplying you with rig mats. Our matting expertise and excellent customer support will help you keep your project in scope. Learn more about our matting services below:

Inventory Management

In heavy industries such as the oil & gas industry, the use of access mats is necessary to support heavy equipment like cranes and rigs during the production process. The possibility of our CLT/bolted mats undergoing damage is slim, but possible, which is why we offer you the inventory management service to ensure the availability of access mats anytime you need them. We will work with you to ensure that an abundance of mats is available for any foreseeable problem.

Mat Washing

Spillage in the oil & gas industry happens more often than not, causing decay and damage to your mats from harmful substances. In order to increase the longevity of your access mats, we provide mat washing services to thoroughly clean your mats. Mat washing removes the risk of contamination and erosion to the hardwood, lengthening the lifespan mats and protecting your job sites.

Planning and Consultation

Whether you choose CLT or bolted mats, GFI Solutions offers you planning and consultation services to help you design the layout of your upcoming project. To ensure smooth production, our team of experts will work closely with you to plan and provide consultation on the number of mats needed, the placement of the temporary road and the emergency stock required. Our goal is to make sure the production process goes as smoothly as possible.

Manufacturing and Support

All our mats are manufactured in-house, allowing us to provide you with customized matting solutions if needed. We also offer the following standard options:

  • TerraLam® 300 – 8” x 14 long
  • TerraLam® 500 – 8” x 16” long
  • TerraCross® 700 – Spans Gap of 35′, Total system is 40′

At GFI Solutions, our team of experts is available for service and support 24/7, making sure all your matting needs are met instantly.

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