Beat the Terrain Terror With TerraLam®

Is your project in need of reliable access solutions that are as versatile as they are strong? Tired of losing countless manpower hours to stuck fleet vehicles and looking for an easy way to uphold environmental guidelines as well as workplace safety? TerraLam® CLT Access mats have you covered! Design to serve all your remote job site needs access mats to make it easy to overcome terrain challenges and stay on track throughout the duration of your project.

GFI Solutions is proud to Canada’s exclusive supplier of TerraLam® Cross Laminated Timber mats, which have quickly become the trusted mat of choice by some of the biggest names in the construction, oil & gas, renewable energy, petrochemical, mining, power and related industries. Learn the benefits of using access mats, as well as TerraLam®’s innovative solutions, below.

Lay the Foundation For Success

When you’re midway through a project, there’s nothing worse than facing sudden delays due to major snow or rainstorm that causes upheaval with your site’s terrain. Canada’s constantly changing weather can pose endless challenges where the landscape is concerned, turning beaten dirt paths into a muddy nightmare overnight. Access mats help to resolve such issues by serving as a makeshift road that can be easily removed and relocated as needed. TerraLam®’s line of Cross Laminated Timber matting solutions offer superior performance and stand up to even the heaviest of loads and weather conditions.

Discover the Top Solutions with GFI

At GFI Solutions we believe that quality is king. That’s why we’re proud to be the exclusive Canadian source for Sterling Solutions’ TerraLam® products. Engineered to be 40% lighter than traditional bolted mats, TerraLam® CLT access mats offer 3-5 times the lifespan of their competitors, as well as unbeatable performance, a lightweight profile the allows you to ship up to 60% more per load and more.

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