Are Used Access Mats Safe To Use?

One of the most common questions project managers ask when considering used rig mats is whether or not they are safe to use at a worksite. A popular misconception about used access mats is that they are unreliable, easily damaged and hazardous to install; however, GFI Solutions implements strict inspection with all used mats to ensure optimal quality before delivering used access mats to the client. Our quality control checklist includes:

  1. Mat Washing

Cross-contamination can cause harm to the surrounding terrain or create a hazardous working environment that could put your project at risk. Cross-contamination is your number one concern if you’re working in an industry that involves the transport or use of fuel, chemicals or other toxic materials. At GFI Solutions, we understand that the risk of cross-contamination and how it can cause conflict on both Provincial and Federal levels, which is why our team dedicated an entire service to mat washing. All our used mats are rigorously washed and bleached to ensure that proper sterilization is met before delivery.

  1. Inspection for Repairs or Damages

Even though GFI’s Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) mats are significantly more robust than traditional bolted mats and offer better support, some mats will naturally experience regular wear and tear. Our thorough inspection at GFI ensures that any mats that require repairs are professionally addressed, and if some mats are heavily damaged, we will instantly get rid of them. Since our TerraLam products are made of solid blocks of wood, repairs can be done much easier than repairs on bolted access mats. At GFI, we pride ourselves on offering our clients the best quality possible, and by ensuring that all our used mats are thoroughly inspected and repaired, we can consistently provide our customers with high-quality used mats.

  1. Delivery and Installation

We advise all our clients, whether they are purchasing new or used mats, to take advantage of our delivery and installation service as it increases the longevity of your access mats. Our experts will properly deliver and install your mats, ensuring that no damage is inflicted on the mats due to transport and that the mats are carefully installed for optimal performance.

  1. 24/7 Support

GFI Solutions is proud to provide customers throughout Western Canada with a 24/7 support line where customers can easily request help, inquire about our services or products and access our extensive matting inventory. No matter the location or the problem, you can quickly and easily reach GFI Solutions’ customer support.

Reliable Matting Solutions

Safety is our primary concern at GFI Solutions, which is why players in some of theH biggest industries, such as oil and gas, mining and construction, have entrusted us to be their sole supplier of used and brand new matting solutions. For more information about used worksite mats and used access mats, contact us today!