Access Mats Safe For Drilling Rigs

High performance and budget-friendly are the two vital factors rarely met when purchasing drilling rig mats for your project. You will mostly find yourself in a constant struggle between choosing a product of excellent quality at an extremely high price or sacrificing quality for a more affordable option.

For the past five years, GFI Solutions experts have been dedicated to addressing the problems associated with finding cost-effective and high-quality rig mats. We have since introduced the TerraLam® 300 3 ply and  TerraLam® 500 5 ply Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) access mats. Not only are the mats more durable and stronger than traditional bolted mats, but they also are safer, reduce damage and have lower replacement and transportation costs. GFI Solutions offers you the highest quality of access mats at a budget you can afford; read on to learn the benefits of partnering with GFI solutions.

All Year Round Service

Partnering with GFI Solutions gives you access to 24/7 service 365 days a year. Our team of experts is available to ensure support and smooth operations with any forthcoming project. We will provide you with the tools needed to rectify any mishaps, delays or damage during your project. You no longer have to worry about the quality of your equipment since all our products abide by constructional and environmental guidelines, which are tested thoroughly through several conditions to guarantee excellent performance all year round. GFI Solutions is ready to ship the necessary mats you need wherever you are in Canada.

Safe Site Access Mats

GFI Solutions access mats are dependable for all your upcoming heavy-duty access projects. Unlike traditional bolted mats, our CLT access mats are designed to strengthen the bonding between the wooden planks by using environmentally friendly adhesive. The adhesion reduces the gaps between the wooden planks, which allows for more flexibility and durability than standard bolted mats. The design of our CLT mats is engineered to distribute weight evenly through the entire mat leading to exceptional performance in the most demanding conditions.

Affordable High-Quality Access Mats

GFI Solutions guarantees high-quality access mats since TerraLam® CLT access mats are made with Southern Yellow Pine Wood Fibre, rather than using Douglas Fir (which is used in standard access mats). The use of Southern Yellow Pine Wood Fibre is 30% harder than Douglas Fir, enabling our mats to withstand heavy-duty applications, especially the ones used in the drilling industry. We understand the importance of cranes and rigs having a solid, reliable foundation, so we have engineered CLT mats to ensure safe site access mats that you can depend on to support your equipment, no matter the weight.

Partner With The Best Today

It is time to upgrade your worksite with access mats you can depend on. GFI Solutions guarantees reliable, high-performance access mats. Request a quote today!