Access Mat Rentals in Canada

Are you in need of safe, fast and durable site access solutions for your upcoming remote project? GFI solutions is here to help! We are proud to be Western Canada’s leading supplier of site-safe access products and services, including swamp mats, rig mats, crane mats, access bridges, rental services and more! Our team of experts is available 24/7 to make sure you have all the resources you need for your upcoming remote project. Learn more about our comprehensive access mat services and products below!

Robust and Long-Lasting Access Products

GFI Solutions access mats are different from traditional bolted mats you might find on the market. For instance, GFI Solutions offers Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) mats that are 30% stronger, five times stiffer, and two-thirds the weight of standard bolted mats. We use an environmentally friendly adhesive to bond the mats together, creating stronger and longer-lasting access mats. The innovative process of manufacturing CLT mats protects them from quick damage and eventual rot and decay as the adhesive provides a moisture barrier and allows for the weight to be equally distributed across the surface area. With GFI Solutions’ CLT access mats, you can rest assured that your machinery and workers are safe and the environment is not compromised.

Reliable and Extensive Access Matting Services

At GFI Solutions, we not only manufacture and supply access matting products, but we also offer our clients comprehensive access matting services to ensure that their project stays within the timeline. Our services include:

Access Mat Washing

At GFI Solutions, we understand the damages that rough terrain can cause on access mats. Whether you’re renting or buying access mats, it’s essential to clean them to avoid premature failures and cross-contamination. Our access mat washing services thoroughly clean your access mats and ensure that they are ready to be used for your next project. We can pick up your dirty mats, wash them at our warehouse and drop them off for your next project or transport our mat washing machine to your remote location and wash the mats on the job site. We aim to ensure that you receive professionally cleaned access mats, no matter the location.

Access Mat Rentals 

With short and one-off projects, it doesn’t make sense to purchase access mats, which is why GFI Solutions is proud to offer our access mat rental services to clients across Western Canada. We have a variety of rental access mat products readily available for your next project. We also offer different grades of mats, depending on your matting needs. Give us a call today to place your order, and our team will be ready to deliver, install, and disassemble your rental mats.

Planning, Consultation and Inventory Management 

Why worry about shipping, installation, labour shortage and inventory management when GFI Solutions can help you plan, deliver and install your access mats? We offer all our clients planning and consultation services to ensure that they have the right products and number of mats for the length of their projects. We have partnered with project managers across many industries, allowing us to have extensive knowledge of your matting needs. Learn more about our access matting services here!

Access Mat Rental and More! 

Our 24/7 rental and sales service is ready to meet all your access matting needs. Contact our team today to learn more about our services and products!