Access Mat Rentals at GFI Solutions

Is your job site in need of access solutions to facilitate the safe and effective transport of goods and materials? Whether you’re facing the challenge reaching a remote location or need to compensate for changing terrain as the seasons shift, access mats are a crucial part of maintaining the workflow of your project with minimal disruptions and delays. GFI is proud to be Western Canada’s leading source of innovative access matting products. Our inventory features TerraLam®’s line of access mats solutions for sale and rentals across the nation. Below we’ll explore a few of the benefits of renting mats. Read on to learn more.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Access Mats

Tired of costly delays and issues tying up your project? Western Canada’s climate and terrain can be unforgiving on transport vehicles and machinery, leading to dangerous conditions and the potential for major mishaps. Acting as a makeshift road that you can depend on, access mats help overcome the challenges presented by the landscape, making it easy to stay on track and minimize risks around the site. With many different compositions and weight limits available from companies like GFI, finding a custom solution that fits the need of your project can be simple and allow you to get (back) to work in no time!

Rent Or Buy? What Options Works Best?

As any site manager will know, managing your expenses along every stage of a job is vital to success. While there are several factors that can influence whether or not buying or renting is best for your specific needs, there are multiple reasons companies may choose to rent over purchasing. These reasons include:

Accommodating A Short Term Need

If your project is near completion, or you will only need matting for a brief period to facilitate the installation/removal of key components, renting can help reduce costs as well as product waste by giving you the option to return the mats when you’re through. Many companies are flexible with their rental terms and can accommodate your schedule without a hassle.

Dealing With Sudden Weather Changes

Canadian Weather can be hard to predict, often leading to leading to unforeseen issues caused by excess precipitation that leads to mud and other topography shifts. Mat rentals can serve as a quick and easy way to overcome such challenges without putting your fleet at risk.

Try Before You Buy

One of the predominant reasons companies choose to rent mats as opposed to purchasing outright is the ability to test the quality of mats for future projects. Renting presents a smaller upfront cost and offers the potential for a 100% write off, whereas purchases require a larger investment. Whether you need a little extra time to garner the capital for a large scale purchase or are looking to avoid a long-term commitment, rentals serve as a fantastic option for a wide variety of industries including oil & gas, construction, infrastructures and more.

Access Mat Rentals At GFI Solutions

GFI Solutions is proud to be Western Canada’s leading provider of matting solutions, including TerraLam®’s range of comprehensive solutions. With a dedication to providing exceptional customer service 24/7, our team is here to support clients across the region with all of their matting needs. Learn more by contacting GFI today!