24/7 Site Access Solutions at GFI

At GFI Solutions, we know just how vital access to reliable matting solutions and services are. Canada’s oil & gas, drilling, power transmission, renewable energy, mining, and related sectors are hard at work year-round, with long hours and sudden changes making 24/7 service essential. Our team is proud to serve clients all over the country, offering nonstop support for mat sales, rental, delivery, installation and more. As Canada’s exclusive source for TerraLam® CLT access mats, you can trust our team to have your back, no matter when you call. Learn more about the benefits of TerraLam® mats and partnering with GFI below!

TerraLam® Mats: Today’s Leading CLT Solution

When it comes to finding the right access mats for the job, it’s no secret that the best option is the perfect fit of competitive prices matched with superior performance. TerraLam® CLT access mats are made with the highest quality materials and design, giving you peace of mind and an unbeatable ROI. TerraLam® mats are engineered to be stronger and more durable than traditional bolted mats, and serve as a safer alternative that drastically reduces damage, replacement, and transportation costs.

Why Choose CLT Matting?

If you’re used to traditional bolted mats but are contemplating finally making the switch, there are plenty of perks to be found with CLT mats, including a lighter weight profile that allows you to ship up to 25% more per load, a lifecycle that lasts 3-5 times longer than bolted mats, and dependable performance even in tough situations. In addition to superior durability where loads are concerned, the adhesive used to bond planks together also protects the mat from rot and decay, meaning your lifecycle is much longer and maximizing your investment.

Meet GFI Solutions

At GFI Solutions, our number one priority is, and always will be, our customers. We believe in providing exceptional service alongside unbeatable products to give you the support you need when it matters most. From round the clock shipping to rapid installs, mat washing, inventory management services and more, we’re here to cover your site access needs, every step of the way. providing customers with exceptional products when it matters the most.

For more information on our leading access mat products and services throughout Canada, contact GFI today.