Site Access Solutions at GFI

Site Access Solutions at GFI

Access mat is a generic term used to describe a large wooden mat designed to withstand heavy equipment’s weight and safely transport material across uneven surfaces. While this is true to a degree, different access mats are designed for various applications and manufactured using different methods. Below we’ll discuss the different types of access mats you might need in your next project.

What Type of Access Solution Do You Need?

Before calling your supplier, you must first carefully plan out the type of access mats you need. Below are the typical access solutions for remote job sites:

1. Worksite Access Mats

Worksite access mats are typically installed throughout a worksite to create temporary roads for machines and crew. While bolted mats are more commonly known as the traditional access matting solution for uneven terrain, Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) mats have exceeded expectations. CLT mats offer superior performance compared to standard bolted mats and a life cycle generally 3-5 times longer than conventional bolted mats. Using an environmentally friendly adhesive to bond alternating perpendicular layers of wood creates a unique access mat that is 40% lighter and twice as durable as traditional bolted mats. If you’re looking for safe site access mats, you can depend on CLT worksite access mats to offer you the strength and durability you need.

2. Rig Mats

Not all rig mats are created alike. GFI Solutions’ rig mats are also designed using the unique process of Cross Laminated Timber that gives the rig mats unmatched strength. CLT rig mats are designed to equally distribute the weight across the platform rather than on singular pressure points. The use of the environmentally friendly adhesive not only protects the environment and offers a sustainable product, but it also protects the rig mat from any mould that can decrease its life cycle. At GFI Solutions, we are proud to offer a variety of rig mats manufactured in 13-ply, 11-ply, 9-ply and more! We have also worked with customers to customize rig mats and ensure that all their rig mat needs are met.

3. Crane Mats

Crane mats are designed to withstand heavier loads and equipment than other access mats, as they are manufactured using a steel frame to add support. GFI Solutions supplies crane mats that are reliable and safe for any crane operation and transportation, even on the most challenging terrain. We have worked with many partners in the oil & gas, civil, environmental and petrochemical industry to provide them with cost-effective and safe access crane mats.

Rent or Buy Safe Site Access Solutions

At GFI Solutions, we offer mat rental and purchase services to our clients to ensure that they find the safest site access solution at a cost-effective price. We understand the challenges of managing a remote worksite and keeping your project in scope while staying within your budget. We also provide clients with the following services to ensure that all their site access needs are met:

  • Turn-key
  • Delivery and installation
  • Inventory management
  • Planning and consultation
  • Mat Washing

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