Used Oilfield Mats for Sale

Used Oilfield Mats for Sale

Your remote job requires terrain access that you sometimes do not have. And while traditional bolted mats will do the job, you want to ensure that your access mats are trustworthy and safe for machines and employees alike. Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) access mats by GFI Solutions are the superior access matting option to traditional bolted mats. Between the lighter materials that reduce transportation costs and the solid surface to reduce hazards, CLT access mats are the best choice for access mats.

Deciding whether new or used oilfield mats for sale are appropriate can be hard. There are certainly benefits to both used and new mats. Below, we will discuss why choosing used oilfield mats is sometimes the best option.

When to Choose Used Mats

Used mats have a few benefits over choosing new access mats. We sort our used mats into different grades to make sure that you get an adequate product each time. Below, we cover the benefits of choosing used access mats.

The Price-Conscious Option

GFI Solutions offers used mats at a reduced price. With multiple grades of mats available, your terrain access solution does not need to be needlessly expensive. We offer rental options as well! If your remote project is under financial constraints, our used mats give you options. Talk to our qualified professionals over the phone to discuss what grade of used access mats will benefit your project best.

Winter Benefits

Did you know that used mats might be better for your remote winter project? The splintering and scrapes can provide a better grip for your machines and employees without creating a safety hazard, as bolted mats can do. While new mats are entirely safe to use in the winter, different grades of used mats can provide more texture for grip.

Environmentally Friendly Choice

Besides the benefits that happen directly to your worksite, by choosing used oilfield mats for sale with GFI, you are saving high-quality products from being discarded. Allow our Southern Yellow Pine trees to grow a little bit more and clear our air for a little while longer by choosing used oilfield mats for sale.

Want to Rent Instead?

Another fantastic option that helps both the planet and your budget is renting access mats. Investing in access mats is not suitable for every remote work project. Want to learn more? Read all about it, or call us!

Used Oilfield Mats with GFI Solutions

Using our delivery and install program when you purchase used oilfield mats for sale, you’ll save both time, money and hassle. GFI Solutions will make your time looking for access matting solutions as simple and straightforward as possible. GFI Solutions is trusted Canada-wide for overcoming terrain difficulties and combatting ecological concerns. To speak to us directly, send us a message! Our friendly staff would be happy to help you choose the suitable access matting option for you.