5 Environmental Benefits of Used Crane Mats

5 Environmental Benefits of Used Crane Mats

Across various industries, environmental sustainability and eco-friendly operations have quickly become a top priority. Companies throughout Canada are actively seeking ways to reduce their ecological footprint while maintaining efficient and cost-effective operations. One often-overlooked solution that contributes significantly to these goals is the use of used crane mats from GFI Solutions. These mats, which have already served their primary purpose, offer a range of environmental benefits that align with responsible business practices while still being a cost-effective access solution. Next, we’ll explore the environmental advantages of opting for used crane mats from GFI Solutions. Continue reading to find out more!

1) Resource Conservation

Resource conservation is one of the leading environmental benefits of purchasing used crane mats from GFI Solutions. Our crane mats are manufactured from durable hardwood timber and feature steel through-bolts. By reusing them, companies can reduce the demand for new timber and other materials required in manufacturing new crane mats. This contributes to the preservation of forests and minimizes the ecological impact of harvesting new resources.

2) Extended Product Lifecycle

GFI Solutions’ used crane mats still have plenty of life left in them. Our crane mats are designed to withstand heavy loads and harsh conditions, and their durability means they can continue to serve their intended purpose for numerous projects. By extending the product lifecycle of crane mats through reuse, companies reduce the frequency at which new mats must be manufactured and, ultimately, disposed of as waste.

3) Reduced Waste Generation

Speaking of waste, choosing used crane mats over new ones significantly reduces waste generation. By opting to use used crane mats from GFI Solutions, companies are helping to reduce the number of mats that will wind up in landfills prematurely. Moreover, once a used crane mat is no longer fit for service, they can continue to serve a purpose for farmers and other applications where burying the mat can provide stability benefits. This reduced waste generation can positively impact local communities and the environment.

4) Minimal Ground Disturbance

Additionally, used crane mats, just like our new crane mats, provide a stable foundation for heavy equipment to work on top of. This not only ensures heavy cranes can safely work throughout the duration of the project but also protects the environment. Less ground and environmental disturbance means a smaller ecological impact and a quicker return to normalcy for natural ecosystems.

5) Sustainable Practices

Finally, using used crane mats from GFI Solutions demonstrates a commitment to more environmentally friendly practices. This commitment can resonate positively with stakeholders, customers, and regulatory bodies. It showcases a responsible approach to business operations and aligns with the growing demand for environmentally conscious practices across numerous industries.

Your Source for Used Crane Mats and More

Used crane mats offer a range of environmental benefits that make them a practical, affordable, and responsible choice for companies across various industries. As companies prioritize environmental responsibility, using used crane mats and other access solutions provides a clear path to minimizing the ecological impact of heavy equipment operations while maintaining efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Choosing used mats from GFI Solutions isn’t just a wise business decision; it’s part of corporate responsibility to the environment.

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Reduce Impact with GFI Environmental Matting

Reduce Impact with GFI Environmental Matting

There are regulations for contractors protecting the environment, that ensure that the surrounding area remains impacted as little as possible after the work is performed. These regulations may include:

  • Preventing air pollution and ground disturbance
  • Prohibiting or managing wildlife interaction
  • Tree and vegetation preservation
  • Hazardous waste disposal
  • And more.

You must operate your construction site in a compliant manner. Keep reading to discover how GFI Solutions’ environmental matting is the perfect solution.

Protect the Environment Around You

GFI Solutions access matting helps prevent hazardous matting waste and protects the ground on the construction site. The CLT access mats are highly durable and stronger than traditional bolted mats. Bolted access mats typically break easier on the job, whereas we designed our CLT environmental matting to be 3-5 times stronger than bolted mats. The result of this is that you get more uses out of them before they begin to break. That being said, when your mat does end up splintering, it’s okay! The wood and adhesive are entirely biodegradable. Plus, GFI’s turn-key services mean our experts can perform your deliveries, installs, and management for you.

Sustainable Access Mats For You

Our GFI Solutions access mats are made to be lightweight to reduce shipping costs, meaning that you save money on transportation costs on top of a higher return on investment. Lighter access mats mean that the cargo takes far less gas to transport, which is both better for the environment and for your pocket. You will also save time by avoiding potential roadblocks caused by the constantly changing Canadian seasons, leaving mud and snow underfoot. Our environmental matting keeps your workers and equipment safe from getting stuck in the mud and snow or slipping on ice. When heavy equipment gets stuck, getting it out can mean a lot of damage to the surrounding habitat as well as unnecessary money and time wasted. Avoid the pain of removing the equipment by using environmental matting.

How GFI Mats are Created to be Environmentally Friendly

We do our best to make sure that you are satisfied with our environmental matting by constructing it from wood from trees that have been allowed to mature for over 20 years. Doing this allows the trees to capture more carbon and clean more air before serving a new purpose as environmental protection from heavy equipment.

GFI Solutions sorts our used mats into different grades, reusing our access mats as long as it is safe and helpful to do so. We offer our customers the choice of using new mats or our used mats. In the winter, used mats are often preferred for outdoor use, as small dents and scratches create better grip for machines and workers.

GFI: Environmental Matting Solutions for All

Whether you are looking to reduce your company’s impact or simply comply with your environmental regulations, matting from GFI Solutions is your answer. With different grades available to rent or buy, GFI can supply you with the access mat resources and services you need to do your part. Contact us today to ask about what grades of mats we currently have available.

GFI Solutions; Your Source for New and Used Access Matting

GFI Solutions; Your Source for New and Used Access Matting

Finding quality access mats for sale shouldn’t be a tedious endeavour. With the help of GFI Solutions, our team of access matting experts can help you find the right access mats for your project at the right price. As Canada’s premier manufacturer and distributor of access mats, GFI Solutions proudly carries a comprehensive inventory of access mats for sale. Below we’ll tell you more about our inventory of access mats and go further in-depth about our popular Site Safe CLT access mats. Continue reading to learn more about GFI Solutions’ inventory of access mats for sale!

Our Inventory of Access Mats

Access mats are great access solutions for temporary roadways, work foundations, staging yards, and more. Access mats are essential for projects working in environments where the ground is uneven, muddy, or unsafe, as they protect both your crew and equipment. Moreover, access mats reduce the risk of environmental damage and cross-contamination by providing a barrier between your equipment and workers. For these reasons, you can find access mats being used by numerous companies and industries. At GFI Solutions, our team is pleased to offer a variety of access mats for sale, from Site Safe Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) mats to traditional bolted mats, we have new and used access mats, rig mats and crane mats avaible for purchase.

At GFI Solutions, we proudly carry a comprehensive range of access mats for sale. Our inventory includes Site Safe CLT access mats, new and used traditional bolted mats, grade A, B, and C access mats, and more! Each of our access mats is cleaned, and quality tested to ensure top performance, safety, and overall longevity. So even if your project requires several types of access mats, GFI Solutions has the inventory and expertise you can trust!

Switch and Save with CLT Access Mats

When your project needs access mats, there are numerous options available for you to choose from. In particular, GFI Solutions’ Site Safe CLT access mats are a lightweight and cost-effective option many projects find significantly advantageous for their bottom line. Site Safe CLT access mats are made through an innovative process that bonds Long Leaf Southern Yellow Pine planks with an eco-friendly adhesive. This innovative manufacturing process means that the Site Safe CLT access mats do not require bolts. Since CLT access mats weigh less than traditional bolted mats, you can transport more mats per load than traditional bolted mats, resulting in significant savings on transportation.

Furthermore, since GFI Solutions’ CLT mats don’t use bolts, these mats can manage the weight of your crew and equipment and evenly distribute that weight throughout the entire mat. The strength of Site Safe CLT access mats makes them significantly more durable, while the sustainably sourced Southern Yellow pine they’ve manufactured from increases these mats’ lifespan. Overall Site Safe CLT access mats are an excellent option for any project looking for lightweight and cost-effective access matting solutions.

Your Source for Access Matting and More!

Trust GFI Solutions to have the inventory you need when searching for access mats for sale. At GFI Solutions, we have decades of combined experience, so our team of access matting experts can assist you with determining the optimal amount and type of access matting your project will require. With 24/7 customer service and outstanding supportive solutions, GFI Solutions is here to provide you with hassle-free access products!

Ready to learn more about our inventory of access mats for sale? Contact GFI Solutions today!

New and Used Access Mats at GFI Solutions

New and Used Access Mats at GFI Solutions

If your team is in search of new site access tools that allow you to conquer the Canadian landscape and overcome the challenges posed by shifting seasons, GFI Solutions is here to help. We’re proud to be one of the nation’s top suppliers of new and used site-safe CLT access mats and more. With a dedication to exceptional products, round-the-clock customer service, and knowledge you can trust, GFI has become a trusted partner of clients across western Canada and across multiple industrial sectors. Learn more about the benefits of partnering with GFI and choosing CLT mats below!

Always On Your Side

Life moves fast and if you don’t have the right resources readily available, you can quickly find yourself facing complications that will lead to costly delays and damaged equipment. With decades of experience in the industry, GFI knows what it takes to overcome terrain and operational challenges and is here to make sure you always have access to the tools you need when it matters most. From ensuring you have enough mats to build a sustainable temporary roadway, all the way to repairing damaged existing mats, cleaning your mats after a project finishes, and everything in between, our commitment is to stand by your side as a valued partner, every step of the way.

Why CLT Mats?

If you’ve previously used bolted mats, but are wondering what the buzz behind CLT mats are, you’re not alone. Despite being one of the new options on the market, Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) mats have quickly become one of the most trusted and in-demand site access solutions. Unlike their predecessors, CLT mats were created with the intention of improving upon performance and overall longevity. To ensure both objectives are met, CLT mats are made using a much different process that involves bonding alternating perpendicular layers of wood with an environmentally safe adhesive to form the finished product instead of simply bolting planks into place.

The result of the unique build method behind CLT mats is a product that is much more flexible, and as a result, incredibly sturdy. In fact, compared to standard bolted models, CLT mats are up to 40% lighter, but can easily stand up to the demand of heavy equipment and more. Best of all, for those who need mats that can handle serious heavy-duty work, you can still save on shipping and gain superior ROI; Our 500 level models can perform the same tasks as traditional rig and crane mats, all while saving you money on shipping and transport thanks to the much lighter profile.


GFI Solutions offers comprehensive matting services all across Canada, including rentals, used and new sales, delivery and installation, and more. Our Western Canada inventory includes a wide range of site-safe access mats in multiple sizes and weights for your convenience and our 24/7 support means you’ll never be left in the dark. For all of your temporary pathways, crane mat, and general access mat needs, GFI is here to help.