Temporary Bridge Solutions at GFI Solutions

Temporary Bridge Solutions at GFI Solutions

Looking for an affordable and robust bridge to ease access for your workers and machinery? GFI Solutions’ TerraCross Bridge is a reliable temporary bridging system that is lightweight, strong, and within your budget. One might wonder whether temporary bridges perform as well as permanent bridges and if they are worth the purchase. Read on to find out!

Quick Installation

Portable bridges are an excellent option for short-term projects as they can be quickly shipped and installed. As the exclusive supplier of Sterling Solutions matting products, GFI Solutions supplies customers with temporary TerraCross bridges that can be installed in as little as two hours to less than a day, depending on the site access, soil conditions, geography etc. The temporary bridges can also be easily installed with standard equipment used to build temporary access roads; however, to properly install the TerraCross bridging system, we recommend that our team of experts carry out the installation. In order to ensure optimum safety, sites are reviewed and/or inspected by trained GFI personnel before installing the TerraCross bridging system.


Worksites with heavy-duty equipment can install the TerraCross 40 as it withstands up to 100 tons of weight. The TerraCross 50 would be a better option for lighter projects as it can handle up to 65 tons of weight.

Engineered with a structural steel design, TerraCross portable bridges are built to provide you with the necessary safety and support you need to maintain a safe and secure worksite. All TerraCross bridges are built using TerraLam 700 CLT mats made from Southern Yellow Pine wood, unlike traditional bolted mats made from Douglas Fir. Even though CLT mats are 40% lighter than conventional mats, they are 30% stronger.

OSHA – Compliant

GFI’s TerraCross bridges are not only safe for machinery and transportation, but they are also safe for your workers as they are OSHA compliant. To allow for safer crossing, solid handrails are pinned to the bridge giving your crew the safety they need to pass over uneven terrain, eliminating worksite injuries and risks.

Geotextile Compliant

Minimizing the risk of contamination is a crucial factor that project owners look for when installing a movable bridge. The TerraCross bridge is often used to create a safe path for vehicles and workers to cross waterways, which is why a geotextile surface is installed with GFI’s temporary bridge to help keep debris from leaving the bridge and accidentally contaminating waterways.

GFI Solutions for All Your Matting Problems

GFI Solutions is proud to offer our clients leading products from Sterling Solutions across Western Canada. Contact our team today to learn more about our CLT mats, temporary bridges and other matting solutions.

TerraCross Access Bridges Your Solution for Temporary Site Access

TerraCross Access Bridges Your Solution for Temporary Site Access

Is your project facing significant delays due to ditches, creeks, rivers, or other environmental complications that make moving equipment and people difficult? At GFI Solutions, we have the answers to your site access problems. As Canada’s exclusive supplier of TerraCross bridges, we are sure to bridge the gap between your project getting completed on time and that creek blocking the path forward. TerraCross safe access bridges are an excellent option for rugged terrain as they’re engineered to work in any environment it’s placed in. For many worksites, TerraCross bridges have become a reliable staple. Continue reading to learn more about using access bridges on your project.

How Access Bridges Help

Our Canadian landscape makes job site navigation challenging, and remote work sites present many issues you have to overcome. As a project manager, managing your crew’s safety and equipment is key to keeping the job moving along. While access mats are great for creating temporary roadways, access bridges are better suited for significant gaps like creeks, ditches, gullies or other land issues that an access mat can’t resolve. Access bridges save you time and money by providing your fleet with a safe option for traversing over rugged terrain. When considering access bridges for your job site, consider the following:

  • Length of the project
  • Load capacity requirements
  • Specific geographical and environmental concerns
  • Preference for moveable or more permanent fixture

We have both portable and permanent options available; however, the mobile option is typically sufficient for work sites due to their overall flexibility. At GFI, we offer Sterling Solutions’ line of TerraCross access bridges and TerraLam access mats. So regardless of your project’s needs, we are sure to have the safe site access solutions you need to get the job done.

TerraCross Access Bridges

Sterling Solutions’ TerraCross bridges are lightweight, portable, and designed to simplify accessing your site. TerraCross bridges can be lifted easily with a mid-size excavator so your project can safely cross water, ditches, and a wide range of environmental hazards. The steel beam substructure of these temporary bridges makes them more durable. These safe site access bridges can also be integrated with GFI’s offering of TerraLam mats, so building quick access to your worksite is convenient and affordable. There are two options for site access bridges from GFI Solutions, the TerraCross 40 and TerraCross 56.

Access Bridge Solutions at GFI

GFI Solutions headquarters are located in Whitecourt, Alberta, but we are the leading distributor of safe access solutions throughout Western Canada and nationwide. We have a team of industry experts ready to offer excellent customer service 24/7. So if you have any questions regarding the TerraCross access bridge or TerraLam CLT mats, contact us today, and we are sure to find suitable access solutions for you.