Temporary Site Access Solutions At GFI Solutions

Temporary Site Access Solutions At GFI Solutions

With summer well underway, much of Canada is facing heavy rainfall and inconsistent weather patterns that can often lead to a topography shift on remote job sites that make it difficult for trucks and machinery to reach their intended destination. Temporary site access solutions like mats or bridges are a vital resource that allows you to overcome the challenges presented by changing foundations while also protecting the land from harm during your project.

While traditional bolts mats once were the preferred option of choice, Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) mats have become the go-to solution by the biggest players in the construction, oil & gas, renewable energy, petrochemical, mining, power and related heavy industries. With a lighter profile that allows for double the load capacity on each shipment as well as a life cycle that’s 3-5 times the length of traditional mats, it’s no wonder that CLT mats have gained a reputation for unbeatable performance. Learn more about the benefits of using CLT mats for temporary site access solutions below!

What is Cross Laminated Timber?

Cross-Laminated Timber mats, better known as CLT mats are created by bonding alternating perpendicular layers of wood (southern yellow pine in the case of TerraLam® matting) with a special adhesive to create the finished product as opposed bolting planks together. This process allows the mat to flex under pressure and evenly distribute weight through the entire surface area to reduce the chance of breakages, even under heavy loads. CLT mats are favoured for their ability to:

Flex Under Pressure

Despite being 40% lighter than bolted mats, CLT mats offer superior strength, with certain models capable of assisting with heavy machinery like cranes, and more. Whether you need to handle several oversized loads on a daily basis or need to protect your equipment from getting stuck in the mud, CLT mats are sure to help.

Stand Up To Tough Conditions

Need mats that can take a beating? No problem! TerraLam® access mats have been tested successfully in temperatures as low as -70°F and as high as 150°F and the solid top of the mats makes it easy to clear mud, snow, or ice.

Environmentally Minded

If sustainability is a core value of your company, as well as a requirement for your worksite, CLT mats are a solid choice. TerraLam® mats, in particular, are made with an adhesive that becomes chemically inactive once it leaves Sterling’s facility, meaning that it presents no potential to harm the environment and the mat itself will help protect the ground from unnecessary disturbance.

Multiple Sizes

When it comes to temporary access needs, one size doesn’t fit all. TerraLam® Mats are available in 3 or 5-ply construction, with multiple sizes available.

Canada’s Exclusive Source For TerraLam®

As Canada’s leading source for access mat solutions, GFI is proud to be the sole Canadian distributor of Sterling Solutions’ range of TerraLam® products, including their 300 and 500 model access mats, access bridges, and more. Designed with the utmost of quality in mind, TerraLam® solutions embody the many benefits of CLT mats, right down to the superior performance and longevity. Learn more by contacting our team today.