Seasonal Projects and Rig Mat Rentals: Flexibility for Temporary Needs

Seasonal Projects and Rig Mat Rentals: Flexibility for Temporary Needs

Not every construction or resource extraction project is a long-term endeavour. Many industries face seasonal or short-term projects that require access to challenging terrains and stable work foundations. In these situations, rig mat rentals from GFI Solutions can provide a flexible and cost-effective solution that meets the specific needs of seasonal or short-term projects. Next, we will explore how GFI Solutions’ rig mat rentals offer the ideal balance of flexibility and functionality for seasonal projects. Continue reading to find out more!

1) Cost-Effective Flexibility

GFI Solutions rig mat rentals offer companies a cost-effective option for obtaining the access and ground protection solutions they need for their seasonal projects. Renting with GFI allows companies to access the rig mats they need without forking over substantial capital investments required for purchasing mats outright. This flexibility is essential for projects with tight budgets or fluctuating access solution needs.

2) Quick Deployment and Removal

At GFI Solutions, our rig mats are designed for quick installation and removal. This enhanced efficiency is invaluable for seasonal projects with limited operation windows, enabling their crews to get to work as soon as possible. With 24/7 support at GFI Solutions, our team can help you install and remove your rented rig mats day or night, all year round. With GFI Solutions rig mat rentals, you can minimize project downtime.

3) Environmental Responsibility

Many seasonal projects occur in environmentally sensitive areas, thus requiring appropriate ground protection measures. Our rig mat rentals offer environmental benefits by reducing ground disturbance and cross-contamination, thereby protecting delicate ecosystems. This aligns with the responsible practices expected by regulators and environmental organizations across numerous industries.

4) Safety and Efficiency

In addition to environmental responsibility, the use of rig mats in seasonal projects also enhances safety and efficiency. By creating stable work foundations for heavy equipment, GFI Solutions’ rig mats reduce the risk of accidents caused by equipment getting stuck or losing balance on uneven terrain. This, in turn, helps keep projects on schedule and minimizes costly delays, repairs, and maintenance.

5) Minimal Maintenance Concerns

Finally, one of the most significant benefits of renting rig mats from GFI Solutions is that our team handles all the necessary mat maintenance and repairs. By renting instead of owning rig mats, the burden of care is removed from the shoulders of project management. This is especially advantageous for seasonal projects where resources and budgets are limited.

Rig Mat Rentals from GFI Solutions

Seasonal projects pose unique challenges, particularly when accessing and working on sites with challenging terrains while also trying to balance protecting the environment and equipment. Fortunately, rig mat rentals with GFI Solutions offer a flexible and cost-effective solution that meets the specific needs of these projects.

As industries continue to prioritize sustainability and efficient resource allocation, rig mat rentals will play an increasingly vital role in meeting the needs of seasonal projects and ensuring that they are conducted responsibly and effectively. Whether your project involves construction, resource extraction, agriculture, or any other seasonal endeavour, rig mat rentals provide the flexibility and functionality required for success.

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How To Save Money on Rig Mats

How To Save Money on Rig Mats

Preparing for your site access needs can be quite expensive, which can result in purchasing low-quality access solutions for a lower price. Read on to learn how you can save money on access mats while maintaining the safety of your crew, equipment and the environment.

1. Mat Rentals

One of the most convenient ways to get the biggest value for your dollar is to rent rig mats. Generally, contractors and project managers prefer purchasing rig mats to avoid contamination and to ensure that they have enough mats available for their project, but in return, they will be spending almost double the amount of money to purchase rig mats instead of renting.

At GFI Solutions, we understand the challenges that one might face when renting rig mats, especially when cross-contamination could be a factor. Our rig mat rental service ensures that all our mats are thoroughly cleaned and washed, and ready to be used for any project. Our meticulous mat washing service removes all organic material, grit, chemicals, etc., to eliminate the possibility of cross-contamination and uphold the necessary environmental and safety standards. Our rig mat rental service also ensures that you have inventory at all times, helping you keep your project in scope and preventing any possible delay. When renting rig mats, you spend a fraction of the price while getting the same quality, if not better!

2. CLT Mats

Cross-Laminated Timber (CLT) mats are the future of rig mats. They are an innovative and cost-effective access matting solution that offers you the site access and ground protection you need while increasing your savings! CLT mats are manufactured using an environmentally friendly adhesive and Southern Yellow Pine fibre instead of bolts and Douglas Fir. The unique engineering behind CLT mats makes them lighter, safer, longer-lasting and faster to install than traditional bolted mats.

With GFI Solutions’ rig mat rental service, you can save up to 50% on freight and up to 40% on labour and equipment with fast installation. The advanced composition of CLT mats results in a lighter and tougher product that can be quickly transported to your worksite. The lightweight mats also allow for transporting more mats per load, as we can fit 72 mats per load, saving you up to 60% in costs.

3. Planning and Consultation

Many factors can quickly delay your project or bring it to a halt if not properly managed. Factors such as load requirements, budget and environmental terrain challenges may result in losing money and time. With GFI Solutions’ planning and consultation service, we will help you protect your workers and your equipment and ensure that your project is in scope.

Our team of experts will work closely with you to plan your upcoming industrial project and provide you with the appropriate consultation. We will discuss with you all aspects of your project, including the terrain, load requirements and budget, to be able to provide you with the optimum number of access mats you will need.

Get Your Mats at GFI Solutions!

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GFI Solutions is Your Rig Mat Rental Experts

GFI Solutions is Your Rig Mat Rental Experts

Is your project in need of temporary access solutions? If so, then rig mat rentals from GFI Solutions are here to help! At GFI, our team is focused on providing safe, innovative and secure access matting solutions to ensure that your project gets done on time. Our range of TerraLam CLT rig mats will withstand the numerous challenges your project’s remote worksite throws at them. With exceptional customer service, GFI is sure to be able to meet all of your access needs. Below we’ll discuss more about our CLT rig mats and why you should rent with GFI Solutions. Keep reading to learn more!

What Are CLT Mats?

CLT mats or Cross Laminated Timber mats are manufactured from high-quality Southern Yellow Pine. Instead of bolts, these mats use an environmentally safe adhesive to secure wood planks together into three or five-ply configurations. Since CLT mats are made from Pine and adhesive rather than Oak or Douglas Fir and bolts, they have a lifecycle that’s 3-5 times longer than other mats. That means you’ll have to purchase or rent fewer rig mats in the long term as they are more durable than traditional bolted mats. The secret behind CLT mats’ ability to withstand wear and tear? Well, CLT mats evenly distribute weight throughout the entire surface of the mat and can flex under pressure. In addition, CLT mats have a unique adhesive that acts as a protective barrier against rot and decay. So if you’re looking for long-lasting, high-quality rig mats, TerraLam CLT mats from GFI Solutions are the best choice!

Rent with GFI Solutions

Remote job sites come with many challenges for your crew and equipment. Our Canadian wilderness can make completing your project on time complicated, from difficult weather conditions and muddy ground to environmentally protected terrain, creeks, and more. Having a reliable and stable foundation for your equipment and workers means you can better proceed with your project’s operations. CLT rig mats from GFI Solutions can assist you in making your worksite safe and accessible. Rig mats can provide your team with temporary roadways that supply a stable base for your heavy equipment. That means you can rest assured knowing that your vital equipment and crew won’t be delaying your project completion by getting stuck in the mud.

At GFI Solutions, you have the option to rent or purchase CLT rig mats. Renting rig mats can be an excellent opportunity to test out TerraLam’s CLT mats before buying them. We offer rental solutions throughout Canada, so we can get our CLT mats out to your site regardless of where your project is located!

Your Rig Mat Experts

As Western Canada’s leading supplier of access solutions, GFI is proud to offer high-quality rig mats, TerraCross Bridges, bolted access mats and more! Our team understands the unique challenges your project can face in our Canadian wilderness; that’s why we offer 24/7 support. Rig mat rentals can be a great access solution to complete your current project without dealing with additional issues like storage or transportation of the mats. Contact our team at GFI Solutions today to learn more about our rental options or to learn more about our range of TerraLam access solutions!

Turn To GFI for Rig Matting That Works for Every Job

Turn To GFI for Rig Matting That Works for Every Job

Are you looking for rig mats that you can rely on, no matter the project? Are you tired of investing in access matting solutions that don’t last, and have you paying high maintenance or replacement costs? GFI Solutions is proud to be Edmonton’s source for site-safe access rig mats that keep your equipment safe and secure, no matter the weight or application. Keep reading to learn why you should partner with GFI Solutions for your rig mats today.

Choose GFI For Your Access Mats

Working with professionals who have the information you need is the best way to enjoy a stress-free project from start to finish. GFI Solutions is an Alberta-based rig mat retailer supplying Edmonton with high-quality rig mats for years. We are proud to be Canada’s premier source for Sterling Solutions’ Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) rig mats, an innovative access matting solution that stays ahead of the competitor in every way. Trust GFI to bring you innovation, cost-saving benefits, and the best in quality access matting.

Serving you is an important part of our mandate. We are excited to bring you 24/7 support so that you can get the answers you need when you need them. Dealing with stressful issues related to your worksite can delay your project and cause unexpected expenses. With GFI’s team, we can help you get the information you need as quickly as possible so you can avoid any unnecessary delays or issues.

High-Performance CLT Rig Mats

Ready for products that keep their quality for years to come? CLT access mats are the most reliable access mat options that help you keep up with your budgetary needs. CLT mats are constructed to be as durable as possible. Made from southern yellow pine fibre, these innovative mats are able to distribute weight evenly to ensure minimal damage. While traditional bolted mats are constructed with mixed soft and hardwoods, CLT mats use southern yellow pine fibre throughout the mat to ensure optimal strength.

These mats are also bound together with a powerful environmentally-friendly adhesive. Using an adhesive instead of bolts makes the mats safer for crews, so they do not have to worry about trip and fall accidents or scrapes from the bolts. By removing bolts from the equation, your equipment will not get damaged from punctures or scratches from protruding bolts. As a safer alternative, CLT mats also consistently surpass traditional bolted mats with their strength and durability.

CLT 300 and CLT 500 mats come in various standardizations:

3- or 5-ply Construction

  • 300 CLT – 8’ wide x 4’ thru 16’ long
  • 500 CLT – 4’ wide x 4’ thru 18’ long
  • 500 CLT – 8’ wide x 4’ thru 18’ long

Ready to Learn More?

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Get the Most Reliable Access Solution with GFI’s CLT Rig Mats

Get the Most Reliable Access Solution with GFI’s CLT Rig Mats

If you need a site access matting solution for your worksite, Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) rig mats are your best bet. Lighter and more durable than traditional bolted mats, these access solutions save you money while guaranteeing you safe and efficient access. Our CLT rig mats provide the perfect foundation for your rigs. Keep reading to learn why you should make the switch to CLT site safe access mats today.

Built Better

GFI Solutions is proud to bring you Sterling Solutions CLT rig mats. These state-of-the-art access solutions were expertly engineered to support heavy loads on any job site. CLT mats are made with a 30% stronger material when compared to standard bolted mats. This durable and dense material is bonded with a powerful adhesive that avoids bolts that can protrude and cause injury or damage.

These unique features allow for CLT rig mats to hold heavy equipment without breaking. Instead, these rig mats can flex and accommodate the weight of their load so that they do not break and cause project delays or injury at the worksite. The 300 and 500 series CLT mats are built to sustain weight smartly, ensuring that the mats keep their high quality and strength for all future projects.

Saves You Money

CLT rig mats save you money on transportation, equipment and labour, as well as installation and removal. CLT mats are lighter at about two-thirds the weight of commonly used bolted mats. As a result, 72 mats fit per load, cutting transportation costs by up to 60%.

Lighter rig mats also allow for easier and faster installation and removal. This saves you up to 40% on labour during installation and removal. These lighter CLT rig mats make for a speedy and simple setup and takedown so that your project can stay on track and end and begin on time.

Since these mats also last longer than traditional bolted mats, they provide long-term ROI as they continue to maintain their integrity. These mats are five times stiffer than bolted mats and are also twice as strong with their impressive adhesive bonding. Investing in CLT rig mats ensures that you save money long-term by avoiding replacement costs and damage costs.

Backed by Quality Service

GFI Solutions offers products that make your work site safer and more efficient. We specialize in providing access solutions to various industries, focussing on the importance of excellent service every step of the way. We know our customers trust us to give them the best access solutions, which is why we offer 24/7 service. GFI Solutions also offers same-day delivery to make sure your project is always on schedule.

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