Mat Rentals for Challenging Terrain in Remote Work Sites

Mat Rentals for Challenging Terrain in Remote Work Sites

When you are looking to overcome challenging terrain for your remote job site, traditional bolted mats are not what you need. CLT access mats are far superior, bringing you a more robust product at less transportation costs. There are many benefits to choosing GFI Solutions for your terrain access needs. Keep reading to learn more about why CLT access mat rentals are the perfect solution for your remote project.

Types of Access Mats for Rent

In your search for access matting for your terrain access needs, you’ve probably come across traditional bolted mats. Did you know there is something way better for you? CLT access mats are 33% stronger than bolted mats, provide a uniform surface to prevent breaks and trips, and are entirely eco-friendly. While traditional bolted mats are widely available, GFI Solutions access mats for rent are lighter and more durable. You will save on transport costs and will give you sturdier, more trustworthy results. Traditional bolted mats have gapping that can compromise the integrity of the mat, and they don’t have much for thickness options. For our access mat rentals, you can choose between 3-ply, 5-ply and 7-ply mats. Not every job is the same, which is why GFI offers mat rentals that work for every job site.

Create Temporary Roadways

Remote job locations can entail a swamp or marshland, muddy ground, or even snow and ice during the winter. But you don’t have the option to wait for the ground to become ideal. Mat rentals are the perfect access solution for your remote project. With our CLT access mats, we can make a temporary ground that is perfect for your workers and machines. The environment will thank you for using a temporary solution and then having GFI remove them afterwards.

Rent or Buy Access Mats?

CLT mat rentals are the way to go if you are looking for a solution for your site access needs. Where buying is handy for industries that use access mats over and over, if your job requires access mats only once, you would be better off saving money and renting your access mats. This way, you benefit from GFI taking the access mats back instead of finding a storage solution for yourself. Plus, we have multiple grades of mats available for rent so that you can choose the adequate solution for your situation. Sometimes renting used mats is actually better: the slight wear of higher grade used mat rentals can prevent slips or falls that can happen in Canadian winters.

Contact GFI for Quality Mat Rentals

GFI is Canada’s most trusted source for mat rentals. Our mission is to provide safe and environmentally friendly matting solutions for remote worksites in the fields of forestry, oil and gas, drilling, construction and other industries. We engineered our CLT access mats with you in mind, offering delivery and installation services to make the process as simple for you as possible. Contact us to talk all about access mat rentals and the perfect solution for your needs.