GFI Solutions is Calgary’s Destination for Site-Safe Access

GFI Solutions is Calgary’s Destination for Site-Safe Access

GFI Solutions is Calgary’s premier source for rig mats. Our site safe access rig mats work perfectly to give you long-lasting performance. We save you money on transportation, installation and removal costs.

GFI Solutions’ rig mats are the best choice for your access mat needs with unmatched quality and ROI.

Save on Transportation

As Canada’s exclusive source for Sterling Solutions’ Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) rig mats, we are excited to bring you the benefits of such an innovative matting solution.

Built with southern yellow pine fibre instead of the 30% heavier and more commonly used Douglas fir, CLT mats are much lighter than the standard site access rig mats. With this difference in weight, we can save you up to 50% on freight costs. By saving you up to half of the cost, CLT mats give you more money to stay safely within budget.

Save on Installation And Removal

Installation costs can be a significant strain on your budget. With CLT safe access mats, installation is quick and efficient. These mats take much less time to install and save you up to 40% on labour and equipment costs. Not to mention less time on installation means more time getting the project done.

With easy installation comes easy removal. CLT mats are lighter and make for a quick removal job so you can get your project wrapped as quickly, safely and as efficiently as possible.

Longterm Benefits

With CLT mats, you get to enjoy a long-term ROI. These mats are made to be used over and over again without sustaining extensive damage. Made from southern yellow pine fibre, these mats are 30% stronger than the more commonly used douglas fir. With a Janka Hardness Rating of 870 lbf (3,900 N), these mats last longer and are an extremely reliable staple at any worksite.

Rig mats often feature bolts as an essential part of their structure. With CLT rig mats, you get an environmentally friendly adhesive that joins the wood layers perfectly. This innovative structure allows for even weight distribution that provides better, long-lasting support. This also allows for less damage on the mats and on any machinery.

Partner with the Experts

By trusting GFI Solutions to get the safe and efficient access you need, you partner with proven experts. We have seen it all, and we factor all of our experiences in when we work with you.

As an Alberta-based company, we can cater to Western Canada with a perfect understanding of what it takes to get a job done on a complex and dynamic worksite. Our priority has always been giving you the tools you need for site safety regardless of the terrain. The value of partnering with us is that you get great products that are engineered with your needs in mind.

Partner with GFI Solutions Today

With proven results, the site safe access CLT mats have truly exceeded other rig mats in terms of benefits. As durable and cost-efficient solutions to your site access needs, these mats are an easy choice for anyone hoping to take their worksite to the next level.

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