What You Need to Know About Your Laminated Rental Mats From GFI

What You Need to Know About Your Laminated Rental Mats From GFI

Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) mats are your best defence against damage from the elements. Our CLT mats are built with your needs in mind and are manufactured to be the best site access solutions regardless of environmental factors. GFI’s laminated mats are available for rent and can help you get the job done safely and efficiently. Keep reading to learn why CLT mats are your best option for all of your short-term project needs.

Laminated Rentals You Can Trust

Dealing with access mats that fall apart on the job is stressful and can cause significant delays in your project. When your access mats fail you, it can also cause some major issues for your crew and your equipment. Splintered or broken mats can be harmful to your crew, causing trips and falls that can lead to dangerous accidents.

With our CLT mats, you never have to worry about unreliable mats at your worksite. CLT mats are made from an extremely durable wood called southern yellow pine. With this increased durability, you get a laminated mat rental that will keep up with the job’s demands. Instead, you and your crew can appreciate the long list of benefits that make this product so reliable.

Get Your Best Onsite Access

Why settle for unreliable and inefficient access mats when you can get access mats that make your job easier and save you money long-term? CLT access mats are the innovative new standard in site safe access.

While traditional bolted mats may have been the old standard in access matting solutions, CLT mats are the new upgrade. With CLT mats, your mats are bound with an environmentally friendly adhesive that is water-resistant and secure. The best part of this binding process is that there are no bolts that protrude out of the surface, making it less hazardous for crews and less damaging for equipment.

Prices That Save You Money

With other companies, replacement or damage costs can cost you a fortune, and if you are renting for a short-term project, the fees may outweigh the money you make, on top of causing you stress. GFI promises to never put the burden of paying for costly damage and replacement costs on you. Skip all the stress of unexpected fees by choosing to rent CLT access mats.

Partner With GFI Solutions Today

We are proud to be Canada’s lead supplier of innovative and reliable access matting. Our mats have withstood the test of time and work perfectly despite harsh climates or weather concerns. Experts in the oil and gas, drilling, construction, power and refinery industries have trusted our access mats to transport their equipment and goods despite heavy loads and all other factors.

All rentals also come with 24/7 customer service to support you in all steps. With rental options that work perfectly for any short-term project you might be working on, we know you’ll get the value for your money.

Ready to Learn More?

GFI’s Cross Laminated Timber mat is ready to be rented by you! Contact our team today to learn more about our laminated mat rentals today.