Why Mat Washing is Important

Why Mat Washing is Important

Like any asset in your project, you must protect your access mats. Regular maintenance is necessary to extend the life cycle of access mats and maximize your investment. Mat washing is an essential service to ensure that your access mats are clean, uncontaminated and safe for your crew and the site. At GFI Solutions, we understand the risk of cross-contamination and the safety hazards of using unwashed access mats, which is why we provide a dedicated washing and cleaning service for all access mats. Read on to learn more about the importance of mat washing!

Keeping Access Mats Clean

Access mats are installed to create a smooth temporary road for machines and crew to access the site easily. They are built to withstand that weight and provide the necessary support for equipment and workers, and since they’re designed to be used on uneven terrain, they are bound to be covered in mud, dirt and grime. If left uncleaned, your access mats are at a very high risk of premature failure. The longer dirt and mud stay on access mats, the higher the risk of moisture seeping into the wood. This often results in mould and could cause your mats to snap and break under pressure. By maintaining your access mats and ensuring that you are constantly washing and bleaching them after each project, you increase the longevity of your access mats and keep your equipment and crew safe.

Don’t Risk Contamination

As you probably already know, work sites that involve the transportation or the use of chemicals, fuel or other biohazard materials could very well cause harm to the surrounding environment. When using access mats in different locations, you must ensure that you are not carrying over any materials that could cause contamination or damage to the new terrain. With GFI Solutions’ mat washing services, we ensure that all access mats are thoroughly washed and bleached to remove the risk of cross-contamination. Our mat washing service adheres to both Provincial and Federal safety standards to provide our customers with safe site access mats to be used in their upcoming projects.

Gain The Highest Return Of Investment 

By maintaining your access mats and ensuring that they are regularly washed and cleaned, you extend their life cycle and therefore maximize your investment. As a contractor or project manager, your aim is to stay within the budget and keep the project in scope. Taking advantage of GFI Solutions’ mat washing service allows you to rely confidently on your access mats and ensure that they are fit for your next project.

Comprehensive Site Access Solutions at GFI Solutions

Our team of experts is happy to offer you mat washing, turnkey, installation, delivery, rental and sales service 24/7. We have proudly partnered with many clients across Western Canada to ensure that all their site access needs are met. Contact our team today for more information about our products and services.