Crane Mat Rental In Canada

Crane Mat Rental In Canada

Now is the time to change your current access matting options and upgrade to a more robust, safer and cost-effective option. Customers in heavy industries such as oil and gas, mining, and even forestry count on GFI Solutions to provide safe site crane mats for sale and rent.

We are proud to be the leading Canadian supplier of Sterling’s site safe access mat solutions, offering you innovative and safe matting solutions for your upcoming project. Our Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) access mats are among the highest quality crane and rig mats available on the market. Read on to learn more about the many benefits of our crane access mats.

Engineered to Succeed

CLT crane mats are engineered to be more durable, lighter and faster to install than traditional bolted access mats. Instead of bolts, the wooden planks, made from Southern Yellow Pine, are glued together using an environmentally safe adhesive which saves you up to 40% on labour and up to 50% on freight costs.

Eliminating the use of bolts decreases the weight of our CLT mats, making them approximately two-thirds the weight of traditional bolted mats. This will allow you to fit up to 72 mats per load, significantly cutting your transportation cost. The lightweight CLT crate mats will also enable you to fit more mats on shuttle trucks and loaders, increasing your savings on installation and removal.

Stability and Support

When using crane mats, you are looking for mats that provide stability during heavy lifts and support the weight of your machinery. Our CLT crane mats are able to withstand heavy loads as the adhesion allows the mats to flex under pressure and distribute weight evenly throughout the mat rather than putting stress on certain bolted areas. The flexibility of the mat ensures the durability and high performance of our CLT mats even under heavy loads.

We offer the standard 500 series, 5-ply CLT mat, available in several sizes, ready to handle the heavy machinery in your project. For more robust mats best suited for heavier loads, we also offer the 700 series, a seven-ply CLT. Some projects require mats with different specifications and sizes; you can contact our team for customized CLT mats.

GFI Solutions work with our customers to ensure a smooth schedule for all projects. We offer matting solutions, including sales and rentals, mat washing, installation and inventory management. Contact GFI today to learn more.

Performance Under Pressure: Crane Mats At GFI

Performance Under Pressure: Crane Mats At GFI

Need access mats that can stand up to the toughest of challenges? If you’re tired of dealing with heavy bolted mats that cost an arm and a leg to ship and need to be replaced consistently after demanding jobs, it’s time to make a change. For crane and rig matting solutions you can count on, GFI Solutions is proud to be Canada’s exclusive provider of Sterling Solutions’ range of TerraLam® CLT access mats for both rentals and sales. Learn more about the benefits of CLT crane mats below!

The Revolution Has Begun

If you’re ready to make the shift away from traditional bolted mats, you’re not alone. While it’s no secret that timber mats have been a trusted staple across the industry, bolted matting has left a few performance points lacking. Because bolted mats are made from a mixture of hard and softwoods that are not held to any specified standards, their durability can often be inconsistent and lead to sudden fractures when facing the strain of cranes or heavy machinery. Add in the fact that timber mats take multiple truckloads to transport and require a complicated installation process to get up and running, and it’s not a surprise that many project managers are eager to find a more simplified and reliable solution. Enter CLT mats.

As an innovative new solution available on the market, Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) mats are made with the intention to address each of the above issues, while offering superior and long-lasting performance, as well as a significantly lighter weight profile (up to 40% less than bolted mats). With the ability to ship up to 60% more mats per haul and a life cycle that lasts 3-5 times longer even under heavy demand, CLT crane mats have become the go-to for industry leaders in the oil & gas, petrochemical, and power sectors.

How They Work

The key to the superior performance of CLT mats comes down to their composition. Unlike traditional bolted mats which are created using a mix of wood fibres and steel bolts to create fixed points, cross-laminated timber mats are made from southern yellow pine and bond alternating perpendicular layers of wood together with an environmentally safe adhesive that helps keep the mat strong, as well as protected from outside factors like moisture and contaminants. This process of binding planks together creates a far more flexible mat that is able to disperse the weight of heavy loads evenly across the entire surface, reducing your chance of sudden breakages and allowing for exceptional performance in the longterm. Additional benefits of CLT mats include:

  • Life cycle that is 3-5 the length of traditional mats
  • Easy installation
  • Can haul more mats per transport load
  • High impact resistance, and more.

Heavy Duty Crane Mat Solutions At GFI

GFI Solutions carries TerraLam®’s 500 series access mats, which feature 2 lengths; 4 feet (TerraLam 504) and 8 feet (TerraLam 508), both of which are lighter and stronger than comparative timber mats. The innovative cross-grain technology allows them to outperform competitors all while saving you money on hauling and installations costs. Learn about our available products and services including sales and rentals, mat washing, installation, and more by contacting GFI today.

TerraLam® 500 Series Access Mats: Your Heavy Duty Solution

TerraLam® 500 Series Access Mats: Your Heavy Duty Solution

Are you in need of access solutions that can stand up to the demands of heavy-duty loads and even act as a solid foundation for heavy machinery like cranes and more? Whether you’re in the oil and gas, pipeline, construction, or mining industries, access mats play a critical role in helping to maintain the progress of your project, while also upholding safety and environmental standards. Located in Whitecourt, Alberta, GFI Solutions is a leading supplier of top access matting solutions across Canada. Our inventory features top products from Sterling Solutions, including their range of TerraLam® Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) access mats.

TerraLam®’s 500 series mat is a heavy-duty solution that offers superior performance compared to most traditional bolted mats, boasting a lightweight profile that holds up under even the toughest of applications. Learn more about TerraLam® products, including the 500 series, below.

A Path You Can Count On

Rough terrain and fluctuating weather patterns combined with remote locations cause constant headaches for project managers year-round, especially once the spring thaw begins to hit full swing. Access mats are your go-to resource for overcoming difficulties caused by mud, shifting topography, and other such difficulties. From creating a viable, unchanging road that your fleet can depend on no matter the circumstances to protecting heavy equipment and the surrounding landscape, access mats offer multiple benefits where workplace safety and efficiency are concerned.

Industry Leading Innovation

TerraLam®’s line of matting solutions offers customers multiple benefits compared to other traditional bolted competitors. Engineered to be significantly lighter than other models (up to 40%), as well as significantly stronger, TerraLam®’s CLT based design results in mats that perform under pressure, job after job.

TerraLam® 500 Series Mats

Stronger, stiffer, and less than 50% of the weight of comparable hardwood crane or rig mats, TerraLam’s 5-layer 500 mats are game changers where heavy-duty access mats are concerned. Created using the unique Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) technique, TerraLam’s alternating perpendicular layers of wood are bonded with a special adhesive for unmatched strength and safety in a lightweight solution. A major factor that sets this CLT process apart from traditional methods is that it allows the mat to flex under weight loads, equally distributing the demand through the entire unit rather than specific bolting points. This allows for superior performance and reduces the chance for sudden breakages.

TerraLam® CLT mats also mitigate the risk of knots by adhesive bonding 100% of the board surface to another board, eliminating any weak points and resulting in a more durable and weight resistance option than traditional matting options, as well as a longer life cycle for each mat. Crafted from southern yellow pine, TerraLam® access mats offer superior value for the price and can be delivered quickly with GFI Solutions on-demand 24/7 service.

Need Access Mats Fast?

Contact GFI Solutions to learn more about TerraLam® Access Mats today. We offer round the clock sales and rental support in addition to mat washing, consulting, installation services, and more.