Bridge the Gap with Site Safe Temporary Access Bridge Solutions

Bridge the Gap with Site Safe Temporary Access Bridge Solutions

Are you starting a new project in a remote location? Is the environment you’ll be working in have ditches, creeks, and other challenging gaps your crew and equipment need to be able to traverse? If so, GFI Solutions’ range of access solutions can help! As Canada’s premier distributor of Site Safe temporary access bridge solutions, GFI Solutions has the access solutions you need to bridge any gaps in your project’s worksite. Below we’ll go into further detail about why you should use access bridges and our current inventory. Keep reading to learn more about GFI Solutions’ temporary bridge solutions!

Why Use Access Bridges

When your project is in a remote location, you need dependable access solutions that can withstand the numerous challenges the landscape throws your way. Our wild Canadian environments can make navigating your worksite a serious issue, and mud, creeks, ditches and gullies further complicate the matter. Fortunately, GFI Solutions has the temporary access solutions you need to navigate any complex project site easily!

Our offering of temporary bridge solutions allows your crew and equipment to safely and smoothly navigate over gaps like ditches and creeks without permanently altering the local terrain. We have portable and permanent access bridge solutions available. However, our portable temporary bridge solutions are the industry standard option since they have greater versatility. At GFI Solutions, when your project requires safe access solutions, we will have the inventory your project needs!

GFI Solutions’ Inventory

We are proud to offer Sterling Solutions’ Site Safe bridges at GFI Solutions. These temporary bridge solutions are lightweight, portable, and designed to make crossing gaps in the landscape simple. The Site Safe bridges require only a mid-sized excavator to lift and place them, so moving them from site to site is easy! These bridges feature a steel beam substructure, making them incredibly durable and safe for all project sites. In addition, the Site Safe temporary bridge solutions are compatible with GFI Solutions’ offering of Site Safe Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) mats. So building a safe and accessible worksite is both convenient and cost-effective. The Site Safe CLT Mats 40 and the Site Safe CLT Mats 56 access bridges are available at GFI Solutions. So when your project needs a quick and easy solution to bridging a gap in the terrain, GFI Solutions has the temporary bridge solutions you need to keep your project safe and moving forward.

Access Bridge Solutions and More at GFI Solutions

Across Western Canada, GFI Solutions is proud to be the leading distributor of safe access solutions like Site Safe CLT Mats bridges, Site Safe access mats, and more! Our team of industry experts can assist you with determining the optimal amount of access solutions for your project. We can also provide you with a range of incredible turnkey services. From access solutions rentals to mat washing, delivery and installation, GFI Solutions is here to ensure your project is navigable and safe. If you’d like to learn more about our range of Site Safe temporary bridge solutions, contact us today!

Move Over All Terrains With Bridge Rentals From GFI

Move Over All Terrains With Bridge Rentals From GFI

Looking for a bridge rental service for your worksite? Look no further than Sterling Solutions’ TerraCross™ bridge! GFI Solutions is proud to be Canada’s exclusive supplier of TerraCross™ bridges. This exceptional bridging option stands up against any terrain and can take your worksite to the next level with its impressive list of benefits. TerraCross™ bridges are engineered to work well in any environment and are a reliable staple on any worksite. Keep reading to learn more about how the TerraCross™ bridge can give you the best access for your temporary worksite needs.

Options That Work For You

Here at GFI, we recognize that every project comes with its own set of specific needs. That’s why the TerraCross™ bridge was created with two standardized sizes to have the best fit for your project.


  • Weight Limit: 100 tons
  • Maximum Distance Coverage: 35′
  • Length: 40′
  • Matting: TerraLam® 500 bearing mats and TerraLam® 700 decking


  • Weight Limit: 65 tons
  • Maximum Distance Coverage: 50′
  • Length: 56′
  • Matting: TerraLam® 500 bearing mats and TerraLam® 700 decking

Easy to Transport

The TerraCross™ bridges are lightweight and easy to transport to your worksite. This bridge is reliable and can be moved with ease to ensure efficiency. The TerraCross™ can help you cross ditches, bodies of water, or any holes or gaps that may pose a threat to your project. This bridge is an excellent site access solution that will prove helpful in any remote job site, no matter the terrain.

If you are worried about potential environmental hazards that could get in the way of your work, having the TerraCross™ bridge on your side will make things easy. This bridge is made with a steel beam substructure that makes moving with even a mid-sized excavator simple. These bridges are also super easy to install and can have you saving money on labour thanks to quick and easy installation.


Ready to Learn More?

GFI is ready to partner with you on all of your projects, no matter the terrain. Contact our team today to learn more.