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GFI Solutions is your best choice for various safe site access solutions and comprehensive turnkey services. As Canada’s premier supplier of Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) access mats and more, GFI is sure to have the access solutions and turnkey services you want to ensure your project operates smoothly. Find out more about our turnkey services below!

Comprehensive Solutions

GFI Solutions is proud to offer our customers a first-on, last-off approach to comprehensive turnkey services. That way, we can assist you every step of the way through your project and maximize your efficiency. From the initial planning and site preparation phase all the way through to site cleanup and restoration, GFI Solutions is here to support you. We have the expertise to develop a customized site access plan that considers the optimal services, materials, and budget. By getting GFI Solutions involved early on in your projects, we can assist you in increasing the overall value of your project. This can result in a more innovative, faster, and affordable project. 

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access mat installation canada

Common Pain Points We Can Relieve

With decades of experience under our belts, we’ve encountered several pain points that many of our customers have experienced related to their site access. Many pain points can be avoided or significantly reduced when you partner with GFI Solutions. Below are some of the common issues that GFI Solutions can help you to resolve with our turnkey services:

  • Poor quality mats
  • Disproportionately high freight/shipping costs
  • Access mat supply chain issues during peak activity
  • Expensive short-term mat rentals
  • Crews using the incorrect products due to a lack of knowledge or familiarity
  • Increasing costs due to hiring a matting contractor unnecessarily


access mat installation canada

Get Started with GFI Solutions!

Ready to ensure that your project has the best access solutions and turnkey services? In that case, GFI Solutions is here to help! Our team has the answers to your access solutions questions. With 24/7 service assistance, shipping, and more, GFI Solutions is your one-stop shop for safe site access solutions. 

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