GFI Solutions is Edmonton’s Choice for Crane Mats!

GFI Solutions is Edmonton’s Choice for Crane Mats!

Are you preparing to kick off a new project in a remote location? Do you need access solutions that can meet the challenges of extreme weather and heavy machinery? Crane mats from GFI Solutions are here to tackle whatever challenge your project may throw their way. As Edmonton’s industry leader in safe site access products, GFI Solutions is proud to offer Sterling Solutions’ Site Safe Cross Laminated Timber crane mats. Constructed through innovative methods, GFI Solutions’ crane mats are designed to withstand the pressure of remote environments, heavy equipment, and severe weather. With more to offer than just access mats, GFI Solutions is your one-stop shop for all your access needs. Continue reading to learn more about our crane mats!

CLT Crane Mats: Outstanding Performance

A significant challenge many project managers face when working in remote locations is sourcing crane mats that can withstand extreme conditions. Fortunately, GFI Solutions is here to help with your site access requirements! Our Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) crane mats are designed to handle the most demanding conditions, including heavy equipment and machinery. CLT crane mats can withstand the demands of extreme applications without compromise. CLT crane mats are more robust than traditional bolted mats and can stand up to almost any challenge your project may throw their way. Over the past several years, GFI Solutions’ CLT crane mats have steadily grown in popularity, and for a good reason! These incredibly durable yet lightweight crane mats can make your project more efficient and accessible without breaking your project’s budget. When you need dependable crane mats in Edmonton, GFI Solutions is here to assist!

About CLT Mats

GFI Solutions’ Site Safe CLT crane mats outperform traditional bolted mats. CLT crane mats are constructed from sustainably sourced Southern Yellow Pine and an eco-friendly adhesive. The environmentally friendly adhesive allows the crane mats to flex under heavy machinery and equipment pressure and better distribute that weight evenly across the entire mat. The result? An incredibly durable, lightweight, and long-lasting crane mat that can manage almost any challenge. Some additional benefits of CLT crane mats are as follows:

  • Impact-resistant and durable
  • Increased lifespan (about 3-5 times longer than traditional bolted mats)
  • Wax-sealed and glue lamination on all four edges of the crane mat make it significantly less vulnerable to rot, moisture, and cross contamination
  • Climate resistant
  • Lightweight
  • Lower shipping costs due to the reduced weight (about 60% more mats per load)
  • And more!

At GFI Solutions, our team is pleased to offer our clients safe and reliable crane matting solutions. In addition to our vast inventory of access solutions, we also provide a variety of turnkey services like mat washing, inventory management, installation and much more! Whatever your safe site access needs are, GFI Solutions is here to support you!

Crane Mats and More at GFI Solutions!

GFI Solutions is proud to be Edmonton’s top choice for crane mats and other access solutions. Our team provides our customers with 24/7 sales and rental support in addition to our vast turnkey services. With decades of experience, GFI Solutions is your access solutions expert! Are you interested in learning more about our CLT crane mats? Contact GFI Solutions today to find out more!