Maximizing ROI: How Crane Mat Rentals Can Boost Your Construction Business

Maximizing ROI: How Crane Mat Rentals Can Boost Your Construction Business

In the highly competitive world of construction, maximizing your company’s return on investment (ROI) is critical. To achieve the best possible ROI, construction companies must continually seek out innovative solutions that not only enhance their operational efficiency but also optimize costs. One solution that can significantly impact your business’s ROI is renting crane mats from GFI Solutions. Next, we will explore how crane mat rentals from GFI Solutions can boost your construction business by enhancing productivity, reducing costs, and increasing profitability. Continue reading to find out more!

Enhanced Productivity

Construction projects often involve heavy lifting and the use of cranes to move materials and equipment. However, operating cranes on unstable or uneven ground can be risky. Fortunately, GFI Solutions’ crane mats provide a solid foundation, creating a stable surface for your crane to safely and efficiently operate.

At GFI Solutions, we offer both crane mat sales and rentals. By renting our durable crane mats for your next construction project, you can ensure that your cranes have a secure base to operate on, reducing the risk of accidents and equipment damage. Moreover, with increased stability, your crane operators can confidently perform their tasks, leading to enhanced productivity and smoother project execution.

Flexible and Cost-Effective Solution

Purchasing crane mats outright can be a significant investment, especially for smaller construction companies or projects with varying terrain requirements. Renting crane mats from GFI Solutions offers a flexible and cost-effective alternative, allowing businesses to access the mats they need for specific projects without the burden of ownership costs.

By opting for crane mat rentals from GFI Solutions, companies can allocate their capital towards other essential parts of their operations, such as acquiring specialized equipment or expanding their workforce. The cost savings associated with renting from GFI Solutions can directly impact your business’s bottom line, improving cash flow and increasing overall profitability.

Time and Labour Savings

Time is a precious commodity in the construction industry; every minute saved is another dollar saved. Crane mat rentals from GFI Solutions can help expedite your project’s schedule by providing quick and easy access to the mats you need. At GFI Solutions, we have a comprehensive inventory of mats readily available for immediate use, eliminating the time-consuming procurement, transportation, and storage process.

Additionally, GFI Solutions’ crane mats are designed for easy installation and removal, minimizing labour requirements. With a simplified setup process and our turnkey solutions, your construction crew can focus on their primary tasks, resulting in optimized labour utilization and reduced project costs.

Crane Mats at GFI Solutions

Renting crane mats from GFI Solutions provides a flexible and cost-effective alternative to ownership, allowing your construction company to allocate capital to other essential aspects of your business. With numerous access solutions available to rent or purchase at GFI Solutions, we are your one-stop shop for access mats, crane mats, and more! Contact us today to learn more about renting your crane mats from GFI Solutions or our various turnkey solutions.

Best Crane Mat Installation In Canada

Best Crane Mat Installation In Canada

Crane and rig mats are in high demand, especially in the oil field, pipeline or power industry. Worksites in such industries use heavy-duty equipment, which requires access mats that are safe, reliable and cost-effective. Standard bolted mats were the number one choice for heavy machinery for many years. Some even believe that traditional timber mats are the safest and strongest choice; however, Cross Laminated Timber access mats are proven to be a more robust, safer and budget-friendly alternative to traditional timber mats.

GFI Solutions is your exclusive source for site access products and services for TerraLam® CLT access mats. We are proud to be Canada’s leading provider of access mats, crane/rig mats and Terracross™ Bridges. Learn more about TerraLam® crane mats below!

What Makes CLT Crane Mats Different?

Bolted timber mats are the standard choice of any worksite; however, CLT access mats are better. Cross Laminated Timber access mats are made using adhesive to bond wood together rather than bolts. This process eliminates gaps between the planks and offers you a safer worksite environment. Bolts create splinters, fall off and sometimes damage the equipment used. Having a smoother top for your access mats eliminates all the problems above and prevents worksite tripping hazards caused by the gapping between the wooden planks.

Bolted timber mats are known to be heavier than CLT access mats, giving the impression that blocks of wood can handle more weight than Cross Laminated Timber. However, the heavier the plank does not necessarily mean the better the performance. CLT access mats are made using Southern Yellow Pine fibre which is 30% harder than Douglas fibre used in traditional bolted mats. Furthermore, the adhesion used in CLT access mats allows for weights to be distributed evenly through every square foot of the mat, rather than focusing the load on a few wooden planks causing quicker damage and breakage.

Finally, every TerraLam® CLT mat is engineered and tested in all weather conditions to ensure the durability of the access mats. Whether your project is in the cold, harsh winters or during the sweltering season of summer, our CLT mats performance will remain consistent throughout.

GFI Solutions for Every Project

At GFI Solutions, we engineer, deliver and install access mat products throughout Canada. We aim to ensure smooth and safe production in any worksite, which is why we also offer the following solutions:

  • Turnkey services
  • Inventory management
  • Manufacturing
  • 24/7 Service for Sales and Rentals
  • Mat washing
  • Planning & consultation, and more.

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We offer various products and solutions for all projects and worksites. For more information on leading crane access mat installation for your project, contact our team of experts today.

Applications for Crane Mats

Applications for Crane Mats

Let’s talk crane mats. If you’re in the heavy industry or construction sectors, you’re no doubt familiar with how useful these mats can be when it comes to keeping your worksite safe and your progress on track, but you may not know the benefits of Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) access mats, which offer you heavy-duty results alongside a lighter frame that allows you to save significantly on shipping.

As one of Canada’s leading suppliers of site safe access mat solutions, GFI Solutions is proud to carry some of the highest quality crane and rig mats available on the market. Below, we’ll talk about the many applications of crane mats. Read on to learn more.

Rig Mats vs Access Mats

If you’ve been around the industry long enough, you’ve no doubt heard “rig” and “access” mats used interchangeably. While crane/rig mats are a kind of access mat, it’s important to know that there is a distinct difference between the two. While access mats are the more generalized solution, rig mats are a much heavier option specifically designed to deal with intense loads, such as equipment and heavy transport. While access mats may be able to handle some aspect of this, it’s best to go up to a rig mat for rougher jobs.


Crane mats have a wide range of applications and are incredibly versatile on the worksite, making them a worthwhile investment for those in the construction, oil & gas, and related industries. Common uses for crane mats include:


As the name suggests, one of the most common applications for crane mats are for use with cranes and other heavy machinery. Thanks to their tough makeup, crane mats are able to stay in place and act as a steady platform while you operated your rig. Having an extra layer between the ground and your equipment prevents you from sinking into the earth, and helps protect the surrounding environment as well.

Temporary Roadways

Need temporary access roads that can handle heavy loads? Rig mats have you covered! Designed to handle the toughest jobs, your fleet can cross safely, all while minimizing your environmental disruption and avoiding costly mishaps.

Excavation Assistance

As we mentioned above, crane mats are particularly useful for stabilizing heavy equipment like cranes, but they also play a vital role in excavation by keeping your machinery stable and allowing your crew to work safely and efficiently.


Finally, crane mats are essential to pipeline construction as they allow pipe trucks and operators to work without disrupting laying or damaging materials. Crane mats can also be used as an air bridge over exiting lines to prevent traffic from coming into contact with the pipe itself.

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