Access Mat Rental Solutions with GFI

Access Mat Rental Solutions with GFI

Are you looking for a temporary access solution to get your team through your next job?

At GFI Solutions, you have the opportunity to test-drive our access matting before you commit to a permanent purchase. Renting our range of CLT (Cross Laminated Timber) and bolt-on mats is a simple solution to keep your project on track, comply with environmental and sustainability standards, and keep your team safe. GFI is here to ensure you have the resources to stay on top of the challenges our Canadian weather throws at you. At GFI Solutions, we offer all-inclusive matting solutions, including rentals, sales, delivery, and installation. Continue reading to learn more about renting access mats.

Our Offering of Access Mats

At GFI Solutions, we genuinely understand the importance of providing safe access solutions for your project. You can count on us to supply you with some of the highest quality swamp mats available. CLT access mats go above and beyond the standards set by traditional timber bolted mats. Our mats offer superior performance and an extended lifespan even with heavy loads. Our CLT mats are made through a cutting-edge process that bonds alternative layers of wood with a unique adhesive. Our TerraLam 300 and 500 series mats will keep your crew safe and secure no matter your application. GFI is sure to be your preferred choice in site access with a range of sizes and weights available and the ability to customize your mats.

Rental Friendly Solutions

Renting safety products should be simple. However, at GFI, we know that that’s not always the case. That’s why our rental solutions are hassle-free. We offer same-day shipping, expedited delivery options, and on-site installation. If you’re debating renting or buying access mats, one of our experts can assist you by reviewing your project and scope of work. From there, we can determine the best possible solution for your business. If your rig mats become damaged or need replacing, GFI won’t charge you for any replacement or damaged-related costs. Our crew are some of the most efficient in the industry, and they’re backed by 24/7 service and support. At GFI, we strive to create long-term relationships with our clients; that’s why we will always provide you with the best options for temporary roadways.

Ready to Rent with GFI Solutions?

GFI Solutions is Western Canada’s leading provider of access mat solutions, including CLT rig mats, access bridges and more. At GFI, we know that site access solutions are often a sizeable investment and that purchasing outright may not always be a reality. Renting can be a viable way to meet the needs of your current project. If you’re debating whether you need to buy or rent, contact our team today, and we will be more than happy to assist you.