The Importance of Access Mat Rentals in Construction Projects

The Importance of Access Mat Rentals in Construction Projects

At GFI Solutions, we’ve been in the business long enough to know that access mat rentals are necessary for terrain access problems. As someone in the oilpatch, construction, forestry or other remote-work industry, you probably know that the terrain you will be working with could be more work-friendly and ideal. Whether it’s too wet, too deep, too unstable or something else, your machines need to be able to do their job. Read on to learn why access mat rentals are the perfect solution.

Benefit Your Project with Access Mat Rentals

Our team of professionals is available to transport and install your access mat rentals for you. Letting GFI Solutions teams handle this means ensuring you will get your quality mats on time and in good condition. Then, when you complete your remote project, these experts can come back and help remove the access mat rentals and any remaining debris. Using access mat rentals for your project with GFI Solutions can reduce your environmental impact and the amount you pay into access solutions. Cross-Laminated Timber (CLT) access mats for rent are an extremely efficient method for overcoming terrain issues in remote worksites.

Environmentally-Friendly Access Solutions

Our access mat rentals are made from sustainable Longleaf Southern Yellow Pine that has matured for over 20 years before being cut. Additionally, this wood is more robust than Douglas Fir: these CLT access mats for rent can be up to 5 times stronger than traditional bolted mats. They can handle more weight through their ability to disperse the weight over the mat’s surface area evenly, which is unique to Cross-Laminated Timber mats. More robust access mat rentals will remove some of the stress of working on a project on challenging terrain.

Additionally, the adhesive and wax seal we use on all four sides to reduce water damage are environmentally friendly, so any accidentally left-behind pieces will not harm nature. All of the CLT access mats are completely biodegradable.

Have Less Impact on the Soil

If you are looking for access solutions that will help you to reduce the amount of erosion, take advantage of our access mat rentals! Reduce your environmental impact during your project, and stay within regulations. Access mat rentals will prevent excessive damage to the surrounding habitat, unlike how traditional bolted mats or mats with metal elements can potentially damage the worksite if not used and disposed of properly.

GFI Solutions Can Help Solve Your Access Problems!

Get quality access mat rentals at GFI Solutions today! We are proud to offer premium products to create accessibility in your remote project. GFI Solutions works with many industries, including oilpatch, construction, and forestry. If you have any questions about our access mat rentals, please contact us or use our 24-hour phone line: 1-833-434-6287.