Site Safe Swamp Mats You Can Count On

Site Safe Swamp Mats You Can Count On

Is your worksite in need of access solutions that make it easy to transport materials, equipment and more across difficult terrain? As one of Canada’s most turned to suppliers of access matting solutions, GFI is here to help! With an extensive inventory that features mats in a wide variety of sizes and weights. Our team takes pride in helping connect you with the resting fit for all your access needs. Site safe CLT Access Mat (also commonly called swamp mats) helps overcome the challenges posed by difficult landscapes and can save you up to 40% on labour and equipment, and 60% on shipping costs. For all your swamp mats, rig mats and site access needs, GFI has you covered. Learn more below.

Swamp Mats? Rig Mats? What’s the Difference?

Did you know that one of the most common misconceptions in the site access industry involves the term “swamp mats”? This is because there’s technically no such things as access mats, however, in the United States, where swampy terrain is more common, the term is used synonymously with standard access mats. When ordering new matting, it’s important to know the difference between general access mats or rig mats, both of which have distinct advantages designed to meet your needs. Rig mats, in particular, are designed to handle heavy-duty applications, and due to the steel framing that helps to reinforce the timber, often costs more. Knowing exactly what you need will save you time, money, and help keep your project on track.

Site Safe CLT Access Mats at GFI

When it comes to finding the best solutions on the market, Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) mats takes top marks. Designed to improve on the performance of traditional bolted mats, Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) mats use a new form of construction that involves binding alternating perpendicular layers of wood with a special adhesive for unmatched results. The bonding method used makes the mats much more flexible and able to distribute weight throughout the entire surface as opposed to just bolting points. This allows CLT mats to stand up to even the heaviest, toughest loads, without fear of sudden failures or breakages.

Key benefits of using CLT mats include:

  • High impact resistance and durability
  • A lifecycle that lasts 3-5x as long as traditional bolted mats
  • Resistant to moisture and rot
  • Durable even in tough weather conditions
  • Cheaper shipping costs due to the lightweight nature of the mats (up to 60% more load capacity), and more.

CLT Access Mats at GFI

GFI Solutions distributes site safe access products across Canada. Our team of experts offers our customers access to 24/7 rental and sales service, as well as mat washing, installation, turnkey services, and more. Learn more about our products by contacting our team today!