Choose Right With GFI Solutions Laminated Mat Rentals

Choose Right With GFI Solutions Laminated Mat Rentals

Are you looking for a more affordable site-safe access option for your short-term projects? GFI Solutions offers you laminated mats you can rent for any project on your list. The Sterling Solutions Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) mats are great for all industries and give you the durability and reliability you need. Backed by stellar customer service, our CLT mat rentals are the best option for you.

CLT mats are available for your short-term project needs. These mats come in two sizes, CLT 300 and CLT 500, each one tailored to your project. With CLT mats, you benefit in more ways than one. We offer you:

Quality You Can Trust

An undeniable staple in all our products, CLT mats give you quality mats that will get you through any project. Standard access mats are made from douglas fir, a material that is less durable than what is used in CLT mats. CLT mats are engineered tougher, using southern yellow wood fibre instead of the regular douglas fir for a 30% stronger mat.

Not only are CLT mats made with a material that is better equipped to hold heavy loads, but it is also created to last longer. Unlike traditional bolted mats, CLT mats avoid using bolts to hold wood together. Instead, CLT mats use an innovative and reliable adhesive that keeps layers of wood bonded securely.

While bolts can lead to splintering or other issues because of the gaps between individual planks, the CLT design skips those issues. The outcome? Minimal to no damage on those more intensive projects that require heavier machinery.

Design That Saves You Money

Renting CLT mats for your project is easy with our money-saving transport, installation and equipment strategy. CLT mats are 33% lighter than traditional bolted mats. This allows for each load to fit 72 mats. With such a high amount per load, you can decrease the cost of transportation by up to 60%.

CLT mats also save you up to 40% in costs when it comes to equipment and labour. These lightweight site access solutions are easy to install and take up less time to remove. Cut freight costs by up to 50% when you choose CLT for your project.

Choose GFI For Your Mat Rentals

GFI Solutions is here to bring you the best in access matting solutions and save you money. The Sterling Solutions CLT mats are what you need for safe and efficient access on your short-term project. With 24/7 service, we ensure that you get the support you need.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can support you on your upcoming project.