GFI Solutions for Lightweight Crane Access Mats

GFI Solutions for Lightweight Crane Access Mats

Installing access mats that can withstand heavy weights as well as extreme weather conditions is every contractor’s dream. Finding the right balance between quality and affordability is another challenge contractors face, especially if the only option is to ship heavy bolted mats that blow up your budget.

Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) access mat is the solution for every contractor’s problem. Not only are the access mats significantly more robust than standard bolted mats, but CLT mats are also shipped up to 50% more in a single load due to their lightweight structure. Read on to learn all you need to know about CLT access mats and the multiple benefits you can expect.

What is CLT?

The process of bonding wooden layers together using a unique adhesive to create an access mat is Cross Laminated Timber. Standard access mats bolt wooden planks together instead of adhesive, resulting in splints, damage and quick wear and tear. The adhesion used in CLT access mats allows for an even distribution of weight throughout the entire mat, resulting in less chance of damage and longer longevity. USDA Forest Products Laboratory, San Diego State University and Henkel Adhesives have all tested the strength of our CLT access mats and validated their durability. The durability of the CLT access mats allows GFI solutions to sell and rent out as many mats as you need, as you can easily reuse them for several projects.

Why Should You Switch To CLT Access Mats?

CLT access mats are an asset to any worksite, especially under the heaviest of loads such as cranes and rigs. Switching to CLT access mats enhances your worksite as they offer the following benefits:

  • Withstand extreme conditions, including heat and cold
  • Repel moisture and rot as all four edges are laminated using glue and wax
  • Gap-less, solid matting top reduces tripping accidents
  • Longer lifespan than bolted mats
  • Safe for the environment
  • Lightweight mats reduce shipping costs since more CLT mats can be shipped than bolted products and more!

Where can I Buy/Rent CLT Access Mats?

GFI Solutions is proud to be a distributor for Sterling Solutions, offering a wide range of TerraLam® products, including TerraLam® 300 CLT and TerraLam® 500 CLT access mats, access bridges and more. We guarantee the strength and durability of our mats; you will never be required to pay for damaged or replaced mats. GFI is ready to provide you with CLT crane access mats engineered to suit your project’s specifications whether you are looking to rent or purchase them.

When Will I Need to Switch to CLT Access Mats?

The sooner you switch to CLT access mats, the quicker you can guarantee a safe job site. GFI Solutions looks for long-term partnerships with our customers, helping you maintain all the safety measures necessary for your access mating needs. Once you request a quote, an expert from GFI Solutions will review your project and suggest the best access matting solution for your business. We also provide you with support 24/7 through our qualified team members.