CLT Mat Care: What You Need to Know

CLT Mat Care: What You Need to Know

Looking to extend the life of your access mats and extend your ROI by preventing sudden breakages as well as damage to your equipment? Made for superior performance and longevity, Cross Laminated Timber mats remove many of the worries and headaches of traditional timber mats and give you a longer life cycle (3-5x the length) before replacement is needed.

As a full turn-key service provider with an extensive inventory of CLT mats readily available Canada-wide, GFI is proud to partner with clients in the oil & gas, mining, petroleum, construction and related heavy industries to care for their mats. To help you care for your CLT mats, GFI has compiled a quick list of tips to extend the life of your access solutions. Read on to learn more.

Fit Matters

As the old adage goes, fitting a square into a circle is bound to end poorly. One of the major ways to make sure you get the most out of your CLT mats today, as well as in the many years to come, is to ensure you have the best fit for your specific needs right from the start. CLT mats come in a wide variety of lengths and weights, with the ability to customize as needed. Knowing what kind of mat you need. For heavy-duty applications involving machinery or rigging, using crane mats is key for optimal performance, and helps to eliminate the risk of excessive strain causing premature failure.


As with all aspects of your job site, preparation is key for success. Take the time to ensure your mats are laid and installed properly (GFI can assist with this). Doing so will help to prevent costly accidents and keep everyone safe in the long run while also extending the lifespan of your mats. Partnering with GFI gives you access to our installation team, who will happily deliver right to your site and offer same-day setup Canada Wide. This means there’s no need to worry about installation and helps to expedite the process so you can get back to work asap.

Fleet Travel and Tracks

No matter how tough your mats are, failing to exercise caution while crossing and implementing lower speeds for haulers will contribute to increased wear and tear. Make sure your crew knows to proceed slowly, and do your best to limit exposure to corked tracks as they can be particularly rough on mats.

Clean and Sanitize

Mat washing is already given due to environmental standards, but staying on top of regular cleaning and care will go a long way towards giving you increased ROI in the long run. Take the time to cleanse after each job; your mats and your crews will thank you. GFI Solutions offers site washing remotely as well as at our yards across Canada for your convenience.

CLT Mats: Unbeatable Performance, Extra Long Lifecycle

CLT matting is lighter (up to 40%), stronger, and lasts longer (3 to 5 times longer) than its bolted counterparts, making it the first choice among many of the top names in the heavy industrial sectors. CLT mats are created using a unique process that involves bonding alternating perpendicular layers of wood together with a special adhesive, which allows for increased flexibility and even weight distribution. Additional advantages of CLT mats include:

  • High impact resistance
  • Suitable for use in extreme conditions include heat and cold
  • Solid matting top reduces tripping hazards, as well as the tired damage to vehicles
  • Reduced shipping costs due to the lightweight nature of the mats, and plenty more.

CLT Mats at GFI Solutions

As Western Canada’s leading source for access mat solutions, GFI is proud to carry the best products available on the market. We are a distributor of a wide range of site-safe access mats, including heavy-duty rig and crane models, access mats, access bridges, and more. To better suit all your site access needs, GFI offers full-scale turnkey support including sales, rentals, delivery and installation, mat washing and more. Find out more about CLT mats by contacting our team today!