GFI Solutions Access Mats: Top Notch Quality at an Affordable Price

GFI Solutions Access Mats: Top Notch Quality at an Affordable Price

Financing a project in the oil and gas, power, construction, renewable energy or even the drilling industry is costly. As a project manager, you will often find that your budget is spent extensively on high-quality, expensive access mats or on replacing inexpensive access mats that offer lower quality. Unfortunately, sacrificing the quality of your mats for better cost can dangerously damage heavy equipment and create a hazardous work environment.

This dilemma often leaves project managers wondering whether they should buy more affordable mats but sacrifice the quality? Or purchase higher-quality mats at a price above your matting budget? What if we told you that you could have top-notch access mats at an affordable price?

GFI Solutions is proud to present you with industry-leading worksite access solutions, including the sale and rental of access mats. GFI Solutions is your source for high-quality and affordable matting solutions with an extensive inventory of access mats, rig mats, and temporary access bridges. Read on to learn more about our used and new access mats suitable for all heavy machinery.

Affordable Access Mats For Heavy Equipment

When partnering with GFI, you partner with Canada’s sole source for TerraLam products manufactured by Sterling Solutions. Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) access mats have dramatically improved the standards set by traditional bolted mats at a better price. Manufactured from Southern Yellow Pine wood, CLT mats are 40% lighter than traditional mats, saving up to 60% in transportation costs and 40% on installation and removal. Whether you decide to buy or rent GFI’s access mats, you will definitely cut down on your matting costs.

Don’t Buy, Rent!

Renting used heavy equipment mats will not only help you cut your matting expenses in half, but it will also save you the hassle of washing, transporting, installing and storing your mats. As per Canada’s matting standards, used access mats must be cleaned upon the completion of each project to help keep the environment, the crew and the equipment safe. Cross-contamination is a very high risk when reusing access mats, which is why washing and bleaching the mats are crucial in every worksite. Rather than managing the cleaning process yourself and risk compromising your project due to cross-contamination, renting used access mats manages the cleaning process from A-Z, ensuring that all rented mats are ready for use.

When renting used mats from GFI Solutions, our team can transport, install and remove the mats from your worksite and eliminate the search for a storage space to store mats for the next project. We can seamlessly take that responsibility off your hands.

Don’t Settle For Less.

Renting used heavy equipment mats offer you access mats at a lower price without sacrificing quality. GFI Solutions’ used access mats help ensure a safe worksite for workers, equipment and the environment. Contact us today to learn more about our TerraLam mats!