CLT Rig Mats: The Matting Solution for All Your Matting Problems

CLT Rig Mats: The Matting Solution for All Your Matting Problems

Canada’s exclusive distributor of Sterling Solutions’ range of TerraLam CLT products, GFI Solutions, provides safe and innovative matting solutions to meet all of your matting needs. As we entered the matting market in early 2017, our team of expert engineers was faced with challenges associated with current matting options. Our primary focus when introducing Cross Laminated Timber access mats was providing a more robust matting solution that overcomes hazards from standard access mats.

Our TerraLam 500 CLT mat and TerraLam 300 CLT mat are engineered to be more durable and stronger than traditional access mats. They reduce damage and transportation costs and provide a safer worksite for machines and workers! Read on to learn more about solutions for common matting challenges.

Low Transportation Costs

Cross Laminated Timber access mats are lighter in weight, allowing you to fit more access mats per load. Our TerraLam mats are two-thirds the weight of traditional bolted mats, which enables the transportation of 72 mats per load, saving you up to 60% of transportation costs. If you’re currently trying to stay within budget, CLT access mats will definitely help you cut down on costs.

Lighter but Stronger

A common misconception is that the lighter the access mat, the more fragile it is. CLT access mats are lightweight; however, heavy machinery like rigs and cranes can seamlessly drive over without causing any damage or breakage. The following CLT rig mats are available at GFI solutions for your next project:

TerraLam® 300 CLT Specifications:

  • 3-ply cross-laminated timber
  • Southern Yellow Pine
  • Weight: – 1,350 lbs.

TerraLam® 500 CLT Specifications:

  • 5-ply cross-laminated timber
  • All layers are made from Southern Yellow Pine
  • Weight: – 2,667 lbs.

CLT access mats are engineered to allow rig mats more flexibility to evenly distribute the weight across the board, making them robust and durable.

Safer Worksite

Bolted mats can cause hazards in worksites due to gapping between wooden planks or damage caused by loose/damaged bolts. The gaps in bolted mats aren’t noticeable; however, they often cause injuries to workers due to constant tripping hazards. Loose and uneven bolts in mats are also dangerous for your crew as well as the machines as puncture injuries, or vehicle damage can be caused by bolts protruding out of damaged mats.

On the other hand, CLT rig mats guarantee a gap-less and bolt-free mat, safe for machines and crew members. The mats are bound together using a strong adhesive to ensure a smooth surface throughout the board. GFI Solutions is proud to offer you safe products for machines and your crew.

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