Trust the Experts for Crane Mats, Mat Washing, Installation and More!

Trust the Experts for Crane Mats, Mat Washing, Installation and More!

Crane mats are commonly used across numerous oil & gas, power, and refinery projects. Worksites in these industries and others often rely on heavy-duty equipment to get the job done. That heavy equipment needs safe site access mats designed to withstand extreme weights and the many challenges of working remotely or in challenging environments.

Most project managers consider bolted mats the best choice for heavy machinery and equipment. However, the experts at GFI Solutions know that we have better access solutions than traditional bolted mats. Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) Mats are an innovative access solution that is more affordable, higher quality, and longer-lasting than conventional bolted mats. Below we’ll cover the CLT difference and some of GFI Solutions’ turnkey services. Continue reading to learn more!

The CLT Difference

For most worksites, bolted timber mats are the traditional choice; however, they’re not your only option! Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) mats perform far and above traditional bolted mats. CLT mats are manufactured from eco-friendly materials like Southern Yellow Pine and environmentally friendly adhesive instead of bolts. This allows the CLT mats to be gapless, lightweight, and more durable than traditional bolted mats. Bolts in crane mats can create splinters, pressure points and may cross-contaminate your working environment. CLT crane mats have a smooth top to reduce tripping, potential damage to your equipment, and environmental cross-contamination. In addition, GFI Solutions’ CLT mats are stronger and more durable than traditional bolted mats, so they can better withstand heavy loads and equipment. GFI Solutions’ Site Safe CLT mats are the best option for any remote project or worksite. They can withstand harsh weather conditions, challenging terrain, and heavy equipment. This maximizes your return on investment as they have a longer lifespan, are more durable and are lighter in weight. When you need reliable crane mats, or other services related to access matting, GFI Solutions is here to help!

Turnkey Services at GFI Solutions

At GFI Solutions, we are pleased to offer our customers more than just outstanding products! We also provide various turnkey services to ensure your project goes smoothly. Below are a few additional services we also offer:

  • Inventory Management
  • Mat Installation, Delivery, and Removal
  • Custom Access Mat Manufacturing
  • Access Mat Rentals
  • 24/7 Services for Sales and Rentals
  • Mat Washing
  • Planning and Consultation
  • And more!

Our team is proud to provide these services to our customers so they can get their projects operational quickly. So if you’re looking for crane mat installation, mat washing, rentals, or something else, GFI Solutions is sure to have the solution for you!

Get Started Today!

GFI Solutions has a range of crane mats, access mats, bridges, and more for all projects and worksites. Regardless of what industry you’re working in, GFI Solutions is here to provide the necessary support and services you need to get the job done on time and within budget. Ready to learn more about CLT mats and installation at GFI Solutions? Contact us today for more information on our safe site access solutions inventory.

Discover the Necessity of Access Mat Washing

Discover the Necessity of Access Mat Washing

Are you protecting your access mats as much as possible to extend their lifecycle and maximize your investment? Does your project have a built-in plan to adhere to environmental standards and reduce the risk of cross-contamination or transference between jobs? If you’re not taking advantage of the many benefits of having a dedicated access mat washing solution in place, you’re not just missing out, you may be putting your site and your crew at risk. GFI Solutions is proud to be one of Canada’s leading providers of full-scale access solutions, including dedicated washing and cleaning services for mats. Below, we’ll discuss just a few of the many reasons you need to stay on top of mat washing, as well as our available services Canada-wide. Read on to learn more!

Why Washing Matters

Canada’s topography can be unforgiving at the best of times, quickly caking mud, dirt and grime all over temporary access solutions. Left uncleaned, mats become at risk for premature failures, contamination issues if moved to another site before being properly sterilized, and, ultimately a poor return on your initial investment. By ensuring that you either have a remote option available or designated yard to have your mats cleaned at upon the completion of each project, you help to keep the environment, your crew, and your equipment safe both in the short and long term.

Contamination Doesn’t Need To Be A Risk

If your job site involves the transport or use of chemicals, fuel, or other materials that could cause harm to the surrounding environment or lead to a potential reaction down the line, mat washing is a must. Having a portable unit on site makes it easy to accomplish this with minimal disruption allowing you to proceed forward with confidence for the next phase or the next job. Removing the risk of decontamination also adheres to existing remediation standards on both the Provincial and Federal levels.

Safety Is Paramount

As we mentioned above, mat washing helps keep the entire job site and respective crew safe. Built-up mud can cause a wide array of issues spanning from complicating the hauling process to risking slips and falls for team members. Keeping your mats clear helps to avoid such issues, ensuring everyone has a safe, secure site to navigate.

Extend Your Life Cycle

Finally, as we mentioned above, cleaning your mats will help to avoid premature wear and tear, which increases your ROI job after job. Whether done directly on-site or in one of GFI’s many yards across Canada, mat washing serves to protect your mats both today and in the future, helping you to maximize your investment with every job.

Mat Washing and More at GFI

GFI Solutions is proud to provide comprehensive site access solutions throughout the Western Canada region, as well as nationwide. Our team of experts offers our customers access to 24/7 rental and sales service, as well as mat washing, installation, turnkey services, and more. Learn more about our products, including TerraLam® CLT mats by contacting our team today!