Safe Site Access Mat Rentals

Safe Site Access Mat Rentals

As we approach the winter months, the importance of site safe access mats continues to grow in significance. The arrival of snow, rain, sleet, and various other forms of moisture across Canada present hazards to your crew and can alter the terrain on your job drastically. CLT access mats make it easy to account for the changing landscape and stay ahead of the curve. GFI Solutions is proud to be one of Canada’s leading suppliers of site safe access mats that make it easy to craft custom roadways and platforms as needed. Our range of Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) mats provide superior performance, a long-lasting lifecycle, and several more benefits to be discovered. Learn more about the perks of CLT access mats below!

Why Trust Access Mats

Costly delays caused by inadequate or dangerous site conditions can be a drain on your project’s finances, as can access solutions that fail to stand up to pressure. Site safe access mats allow you to work against the challenges you face and conquer the terrain by creating makeshift transport solutions. With many different compositions and weight limits available from companies from GFI, finding the right custom solution that fits the need of your project is simple and allows you to get (back) to work in no time!

Should You Rent or Buy?

At GFI we know that site access solutions are often a sizeable investment and that purchasing outright may not always be a reality. Renting can be a viable way to meet the needs of your current project. If you’re debating whether you need to buy or rent, keep the following in mind:

Project Duration Remaining

If you’re simply purchasing mats to cover the tail end of a new development, renting may be more cost-effective, and will even give you the opportunity to test drive new matting options before making a permanent commitment. GFI Solutions is happy to offer flexible rental terms for your convenience and is able to easily accommodate your rental schedule.

Addressing Unexpected Issues

As we all know, Canada’s weather can be fickle and sudden seasonal changes can change the landscape overnight, leaving your equipment stuck in the mud. If you need a fast solution that allows you (and your equipment) to get back to work, access mat rentals are the perfect fit and allow you to perform site clean-up while reducing delays.

Hassle-Free Flexibility

One of the main reasons companies will rent mats is that they can quality test new options without the hesitation that may lay behind buying outright. Whether you need a little extra time to garner the capital for a large-scale purchase or are looking to put off a long-term commitment, rentals serve as a fantastic option for a wide variety of industries including oil & gas, construction, infrastructures, and more.

Access Mat Rentals From GFI Solutions

GFI Solutions is proud to be Western Canada’s leading provider of matting solutions, including CLT site access mats, access bridges and more. With a dedication to providing exceptional customer service 24/7, our team is here to support clients across the region with all of their matting needs. Learn more by contacting GFI today!