What Materials Does GFI Use for their Access Mats?

What Materials Does GFI Use for their Access Mats?

Knowing what is in the access mats that you plan on purchasing will have many benefits. First, you will learn what the process will be for storing, caring for, and removing them. Secondly, you will better understand what the access mat will do for you. Is it made with durable wood? Is the wood flimsy? Will it withstand the cold, wet seasons? In this blog post, we answer these questions and more. Keep reading to learn more!

Strength of the Longleaf Southern Yellow Pine vs Douglas Fir

Many companies use Douglas Firs for their access mats, but GFI Solutions uses Southern Yellow Pine. Pines, especially the yellow variety, can withstand more psi (pound-force per square inch) than Douglas Firs can. The Longleaf Southern Yellow Pine is recorded at withstanding 14,500 psi, and the Douglas Fir at 12,500 psi.

As North American softwoods go, some have argued yellow pine as the strongest. Our customers need access mats that will not break or shift during their project. Access mats are needed to protect the environment around the worksite and to provide stable ground underfoot. Yellow pine is far superior to achieving this goal.

The Durability of the Southern Yellow Pine

Yellow pine might be the stronger of the two woods, but will it last through the Canadian weather cycles? According to the Janka scale, yes! The Janka scale measures the density of the wood (the higher the number, the better), noting Longleaf Southern Yellow Pine at 870 and Douglas Fir at 660. Denser wood means that the flooring will last longer in better condition. The pine we use in our access mats will last you through the cold Canadian winters and through the rain and heat that come during summer. Plus, if you take advantage of our mat management program, your access mats will last you far more than one project.

Benefits to the Environment

Sustainability is essential to keeping our planet alive, which, in turn, will keep us alive. At GFI Solutions, we aim to build our products sustainably as an investment in our future. We choose to age our trees to maturity, about 20 to 25 years. It’s been documented that trees store more carbon in their maturity than in their youth. By creating a demand for more trees in maturity, we are helping the planet in collecting carbon from the atmosphere. The maturity age gives them more time to create oxygen out of carbon dioxide; another added benefit of letting trees age. The adhesive used to bind the sustainable wood together is biodegradable, making everything about our access mats completely biodegradable.

Access Matting for Any Industry

GFI Solutions is Canada’s trusted business for access mats. We provide quality access mat solutions for different industries working in remote locations or with accessibility issues. Choose access mats that won’t cause hazards to the environment, your machines, or your staff. GFI Solutions access mats protect ecologically sensitive areas while allowing your crew to work efficiently and safely. Looking for access mat rentals? We have that, too! Check out our inventory or send us a message.