When to Choose New CLT Access Mats

When to Choose New CLT Access Mats

Choosing between used or new access mats can be a tough decision. Many factors play into a decision, which is why GFI Solutions wants to help you discern what works for you. We offer used and new access mats and both purchase and rent options so you can truly find the product that works. We’ve put together the following points to help you decide what is best for your situation.

When to Choose New Mats

The following points are the main things to consider when deciding between used and new access mats. While it’s not comprehensive, it will cover the most significant points of concern.

Long-Term Use

Are access mats something that your business will use countless times, or do you need them for this one remote project? This answer will heavily influence your decision. If you will be using your access mats again and again, buying new mats means that your access matting will last you longer than used ones will. While there certainly are benefits to buying used mats, for long-term return on your investment, you’ll want to consider buying new access mats.

Inventory You Need

GFI Solutions has a range of products available, with new inventory coming in all the time! We have delivered and installed access mats in the eleventh hour for many businesses because we care about getting you quality terrain access solutions when you need them. We keep new and used inventory, as both are beneficial and also offer value services like mat care. The GFI mat management program means that we can wash, handle, and store your mats properly so they last as long as possible.

If buying access mats is not a great option for you, talk to us! We have access mats available for rent as well. This option will save you money and stress.

Ecologically Friendly Matting

GFI Solutions sources all of its Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) matting materials from sustainably grown Longleaf Southern Yellow Pine and bonds it with an environmentally safe glue. Unlike its competitor, the traditional bolted mat, the CLT access mat is biodegradable. GFI allows the trees to age to maturity so that they can store more carbon and make more oxygen over their lifespan. There are many more benefits to the materials that GFI chooses, but these are our favourites.

GFI Solutions: High-Quality Access Mats

Trusted Canada-wide, GFI Solutions provides many industries with the access solutions they need for outdoor remote worksites. Not only do we care about getting you the right product, but we care about how they are handled and stored. Washing your access mats and storing them correctly will make your access mats last longer. Contact GFI Solutions today to inquire about our inventory.

Who is Managing Your Access Mats After Installation?

Who is Managing Your Access Mats After Installation?

At GFI Solutions, we are access mat professionals. We care for our customers from start to finish, offering a complete, after-installation access mat management program. To lengthen the durability of your access mats, we advise all of our customers to take advantage of this mat management program if you have yet to seriously consider how to care for your access mats after installation. Read on to find out more about this mat management program.

GFI Solutions Mat Management Program

In our mat management program, we take care of your access mats from installation to removal, whatever that looks like in each case. Our GFI Solutions team is waiting to transport your access mats to save you money and time. GFI Solutions offers a comprehensive mat management program featuring the following:

Professional Delivery and Installation

The goal of any access mat is to avoid ground disturbance or environmental cross-contamination. In addition to these qualities, our access mats will save you 60% in transportation costs through our ability to almost double the number of mats on each truck. We will also provide quality access mats that are 3-5x stronger than traditional mats.

Once delivered, our expert installers will proceed with your access mat installation on-site. Our GFI Solutions experts know how to handle your access mats during installation to avoid damage or gapping. Our customers each receive custom mat management programs to suit their needs if requested: if you do not have GFI Solutions access mats, don’t worry! We still offer this program to you. Contact us for a consultation.

We Handle Washing and Bleaching

Washing your access mats is how you prevent premature failure. Dirt, mud and grime will build up on your access mats after installation. But a good clean will keep your mats working from project to project without cross-contamination of environments or falling apart. By using our GFI Solutions mat maintenance program, you are lengthening the life cycle of your access mats and gaining a higher return on investment.

At GFI Solutions, we wash and bleach your access mats for you. We offer access mat installation, washing, delivery, and more. Let us deal with the transportation of your access mats to and from our washing machines—or let us bring our washing machines to you!

Access Mat Removal And Clean-Up

Once your project is complete or your access mats are no longer usable, GFI Solutions can assist with their removal. While a viable option is to allow the environmentally-safe access mat to biodegrade in place, we offer removal services that will remove your installed access mats and clean up any residual debris that may affect the environment. To access this service, please call GFI Solutions and discuss what mat management features best suit your needs.

From Consult to Tear-Down, GFI is Here!

GFI Solutions offers a range of access solutions for your project, including used and new access mats. Additionally, all grades of access matting are available with us. Each used mat undergoes testing to ensure quality before being taken on-site. Looking for a lightweight and cost-effective solution? Contact us today by phone at 1-833-GFI-MATS or use our contact form to talk to us about your access mat needs.