Smooth Crossing: Access Bridges at GFI

Facing the challenges of a remote job site full of ditches, holes, rivers, and more? Canada’s landscape can throw some nasty surprises at project managers and make completing your objective unnecessarily complicated without the right resources. Fortunately, site access partners like GFI Solutions have you covered! Our inventory features a wide variety of products, including access bridges that make it easy to cross over inconvenient land features and stay on track with overall productivity. As one of western Canada’s most trusted site access providers, we’re proud to carry TerraCross™ products in our inventory, giving you access to top-tier solutions alongside our round-the-clock professional support.

Learn more about the benefits of access bridges below.

Where Safety Meets Efficiency

It’s no secret that one of the biggest challenges facing construction crews and project managers is keeping all of their resources agile and on target. For those in the oil & gas, power, renewable, and construction sectors, site access solutions, including access bridges are a vital tool that makes overcoming obstacles simple. While site safe access mats work great for are resolving issues with uneven ground surfaces mud or unstable soil, access bridges are best suited for handling areas on your site where gaps caused by creeks, rivers or major dips in topography are involved.

Depending on the duration and purpose of your site, either permanent or temporary solutions can be used. Factors that determine permanent versus temporary implementation include:

  • Ground-type
  • Weight capacity needs
  • Area-specific environmental factors

Portable bridges such as Sterling’s TerraCross™ Access Bridge are perfect for a variety of applications and are the perfect fit for applications that require access to specific areas for shorter phases rather than a permanent fix.

TerraCross™ Access Bridges at GFI Solutions

Known for being easy to deploy and its lightweight profile, Sterling Solutions’ TerraCross™ bridge is well suited for crossing water, ditches, circumventing environmental hazards, and more. Each model is built with superior performance in mind, and designed to handle heavy duty use, including 200-class excavators. TerraCross™ bridges are able to be shipped on a single truck for optimal convenience and can be set up rapidly to help save you time and money. GFI is Canada’s exclusive source for Sterling’s site products, and features TerraCross™bridges and more in our inventory.

Access Solutions With GFI

At GFI we know how vital reliable access to your job site is for our customers. With clients spanning multiple industries Canada wide, we’re here to support your project with products you can depend on. Learn more by contacting our team today.